what’s up guys just sign some books you’re about to watch the session we just had I’ll be honest with you there’s a lot of pressure on Jason I think there’s at least four viral individual clips this is probably the long-form one but Jason I’m not joking around find them believe this or not because in the garyvee land there’s one kind of perception but in my corporate land I massively underestimated by our clients at vaynermedia because I don’t look the part because I don’t have this degree or that I use it my advantage but I have a big difference than you I own my business but on the client side I still have to sell them and sometimes I use the under estimating as an advantage sometimes when I know I’m being honest underestimated I come into a room I’ll go hard on depth and stake just to make them realize what’s actually going on here like sometimes I’ll mm-hmm sometimes I’ll might drop not from like pontificating and like sizzle like big profound statement me I’ll go into some real hardcore detail real fast about business then makes them real uncomfortable because I might know their business better to the name of their business when you’re being underestimated speak facts by asking straight up a hundred percent and just knowing back to the same game I told him people Gary I hit up I deemed all the influencers like you told me nobody responded I’m like how many they’re like 130 I’m like good there’s about nine million more no because that’s not the way to position it right because most people want answer that because somebody who’s got an audience that’s all they see I would say how can I help you you see where I’m going like like yo I with you like how can I help you yes you do you of your time you never know d-roc didn’t have any leverage do you rock asked me four times and then finally said yep fine make me a video not even that mindset and then this all happened because of it that’s real that’s real the story that’s the story he has to be four times I want to make a video for you he was a video that I wasn’t making content like that then and but it was in my mind and by the four times like you know what it okay make me a free video show me here we are now he’s the the word that people you like people literally say literally a burbs literally people like that my dear ox name is Rick you know Doc’s enemy it’s real and and you know what I said this at a time to the raucous I mean you’re gonna impact people like you know awesome it is for people that love to do it to do it you me people wanted to make documentaries their whole lives yet only 74 people a year get to do them and now 74 thousand people you get to do it all it takes is one person there’s only there’s only two ways to do it either force your way through and incrementally get better over time by deploying patience or you outsource it you’re more than welcome to give up 20% of your business to the most charismatic friend you know that you trust you are right you are most people don’t want to give up 20% of their business you know but I’m like 20 percent of zero is zero see and if you’re not gonna be able to network and that’s important then what the are we talking about here right I I like results that’s why I went not how I want the results to happen people have ideology of how they want it to go down I just want it to go down I think one of the biggest mistakes that so many people in youth make is lack of patience and not willing to pay their dues like young man with the new business like I always hear he hasn’t said it but a lot like Gary I’m not getting a lot of clients like everyone’s saying no I’m like that’s what should be happening that’s right that’s what should be happening with a are you you just graduated school I don’t trust you that means you love the process that’s the I’m talking about y’all fun it was free for five hours a day on Twitter you know hopeful I am that this is gonna be fun for you cuz if it’s fun you got business coming if it’s Gary told me to do it and you’re doing it but you hate it it’s gonna die people don’t like to jump because they think it hurts to resume crazy crazy I’m trying to get so many kids out of this nobody gives a if you were in a place in six months especially when I asked you if I’m sitting here you’re like it wasn’t right for me I have enough self-awareness the culture wasn’t right my boss’s boss wasn’t right and I knew I could do better and I wanted to be an environment you’ve won me over for leaving in six months not I’m cynical to you resume jumping is some 1984 so that’s number one and number two some people don’t have the self-confidence of getting another job if they get fired so they keep their mouth shut but you don’t have to keep your you don’t to be disrespectful when you talk that’s how I’ve won hey guys thank you so much for watching my video on YouTube I wanted to jump in here at the end because I’m working on a ridiculously important project for me and I have a funny feeling you can help if you drink wine at all or know anybody that drinks wine at all please go to empathy wines calm right now and sign up for a subscription whether it’s a three pack whether it’s a six pack or whether it’s a whole case of each for the year if you drink 36 bottles of wine a year or give away 36 bottles of wine a year please sign up for club empathy this project means the world to me that could really use your support you

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