Radhey Radhey (Hello) Todey we Repat a on Video Cotton Wicks Making Because the video was unable to complete the information in order to minimize it So Today we will explain like- Making Packaging and marketing How to sell, I will give full information about it. And this Cotton Packet i am purchase This I bought it for you. I am purchase from medical wholesaler Print M.R.P. is high Rs.

381/- But for 500 grams of medical wholesaler it has given Rs.100 / – It is still This kind of cotton And You have to take this polythene In this I will tell you how much cotton wicks we need to pack And how to pack it Will give you all the information in it Let’s go, so now we take you Where cotton wicks is made. It is a little away from our house. So it will take some time to reach us. So you subscribe to our channel, and by subscribing the bell icon must be pressed. Now we have reached. Where cotton is making There are quite a few women making cotton wicks. We talk to this elderly grandmother here. And ask about it. Well women here work on contract basis So we ask them how much money they get for making a wax from 1kg cotton To make these cotton wicks Grandmother gets 100 rupees for making 1 kg cotton wicks Means 100/- Rupees Per 1 KG cotton wicks Making Within a day, 1 kg will be made ??? Yes Yes..

See, you are watching 20 to 25 grams of cotton wicks has been made And look so beautiful 1 KG Cotton = 10,000 Cotton Wicks easily made If you make 8000 cotton wicks in 1 kg then So it will be expensive and if 1 KG Cotton 12000 to 13000 thousand will be made cheap It means that cotton wicks will be more in thick wicks Less cotton will be found in thin wicks Most of the wax, built around 12,000 in 1 kg, are sold more in the market. I came here and found out that I bought cotton from the medical shop very costly. While this cotton is easily available for Rs.120 per kg in retail And if you buy a 100 kg bags. So this cotton starts from 80 rupees per kg. For Buy Cotton Search on Google “Cotton Supplier” So many sellers will be found. If you want to make a machine, then its machine starts from Rs.15000 thousand. And there are many manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. But on applying the machine You, the power meter of your home The meter must be commercialized If not The power department can ever make a penalty So if you put the machine So make sure the meter of his electricity is separately.

Now on cotton, which is applied color For that you In corn starch, any food color like red, yellow, blue, green, Whatever color you want to make Add that color to corn starch. Add a little water and heat it So it will become like lei Than Take him in the finger of his hands and make cotton wicks So your cotton wicks will be ready These Carn Starch Means AraRot You can buy it from any grocery store You will find it easily between 30 rupees and 35 rupees Yellow Green and white all making First we made white Yello, Green and White 4 color we make yes in 4 color making ……. This type of polyethylene is filled up to sell in the market You have to fill so much Like making a pack of 5/- rupees or making a packet of Rs 10/- Then in that You have to pack according to what your rate is getting I’m showing this way, without any price packing Filling in this way and To use a sealer machine for packing And this grandma is telling, that it comes less in I do not know anything So I’ve put more in it I have been in the market Now let me tell you, what will be the rates of this polythene I will go to the shop and tell you Rs.

135/- Per KG, To show This kind of polyethylene, 700 Noc. in 1 kg. It will get around Rs 135/- per KG Now I have come to the shop Here cotton wicks is sold There is also a long one, and there is a lot of rounding. Available in different packing here Small packing 1 kg in packing also See above it in big packing This is a wholesaler shop From here I have asked the rate So they have told us that, a packet selling in 5/- rupees, they buy it at Rs 2.5/- and 1 Packet have 55 Noc.

Cotton wicks Assume that 1 kg of 10000 cotton is made and per packet You fill 55 cotton wicks You will become 181 packets Which is 2.5/- rupees Sell to 452/- Rupees Now calculate profits 1 KG Cotton = Rs. 120/- and making charge Rs. 100/- Total = 120/- + 100/- = 220/- And packaging accessories 181 Polythene use in 1 Kg Cotton Wicks packaging Which will cost around 30/- rupees So your Total Manufacturing Cost = 250/- Rupees And they will sell for 452/- rupees Means Profit Rs. 200/- And if he is making himself The profit will be Rs. 300 / – per kg means If 1 kg of cotton wicks make every day, So by Rs.300/ – Rupees Can earn Rs.

9000/- thousand rupees per month easily and if you are sell direct on retail store So, there you will be sold easily at a rate of Rs 3 per packet of Rs Thereby increasing profits In this work our women can earn more than 9000 rupees per month And grandma can earn up to 9000/- rupees Can earn easily So that his house can run very well Almost as much information about this business was I have tried my best to give you So i hope That you will not have problems in starting a business If you liked our video, please do liked and shared Please, like, please If you like, we think you liked our video By subscribing to the bell button, definitely for more videos.


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