Hi there, Bert Bledsoe here today to talk about some home based business ideas And I’m really excited today a little bit about what we can do to pick the best company for you. and everyone is a little bit different so it is going to be a bit different for each of us. but todays home based business ideas are going to determine the best fit for you as an individual and if you use these three key factors that we are going to disucuss today you’ll absolutely be able to pick a company that fits you, your personality, and your goals and that is going to be a huge key for your success. so the three key factors we are going to talk about Key number one passion. represented by the heart up on the dry erase board our passion is going to be our number one focus. you have to have excitement and passion if you have home based business ideas. If your looking to start a business, your going to have that passion to drive you forward. That is going to get you moving everyday. that is what is going to get you to share whatever it is you have for your home based business ideas are.

Whatever line of work your going to get in you have to have a passion for it to share it with other people. so pick something you are going to fall in love with NOw number two, finance. YOu are going to want to pick a compensation plan 1: that is going to compensate you according to your work load. so you are going to want to make sure that if your home based business idea is part time income, you get part time. But if you want to make a full time income, you want to make sure your home based business idea is going to be able to provide you with full time, top dollar income. now to the last icon that we have. That is the calendar, the calendar stands for commitment. we want to have commitment. daily commmt . if your focused and you committ every single day to putting some time and some effort into your home based business your absolutely going to be successful.

so, are three key points: passion, finance and commitment. these are vital if you are going to start a home based business. and these are some ideas for your home based business to get you started. now what I really want to do is provide you with a resource that really helped me when I started my home based business. so instead of just telling you what my business is, I want to provide you with a training resource. follow the links that i have provided for you, sign up for the free video get started with some training your going to see how you can explode your home based business ideas like you never imagined. so, if you have any questions, give me a call, shoot me an email or get me on skype. have a great day. .

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