Hello my name is Mark harbert and welcome to this video I’m super excited that you are here you are here obviously searching for some home based business ideas and I’ve got three ideas for you that you can tap into and look into so stick around alright so home based business ideas you’re looking to make money from home you’re looking to probably stay home maybe get out of your job well there’s three specific things that you can do now just a little bit of background you may not know who I am I’ve been in the home based business industry for over man over 15 years now and I have just done it all tried it all and finally found the things that work for me I absolutely love the internet it’s just such a great way to connect and meet other people but here are three specific things that you can look into number one you can create your own product and your own website and sell your products that way now there’s a couple benefits to this number one creating your own product you actually get to have control over the whole process so no matter what your niches you know if you’re into knitting and you want to sell knitting products you can create a website drive traffic to it through a number of different ways google adwords you can do it from youtube you can do it from facebook many other ways that you can drive traffic to your website and sell your products now there is some downsides to this as well as creating your own products you have to store inventory you’ve got to have you know payment processors you’ve got to have people that can you know go through and set up the website for you set up your online store so there’s a lot of things that you need to consider when you’re creating your own product now it’s very very beneficial to create your own product again you get to control the whole process you get to make one hundred percent of the money so there are benefits it just takes a lot more work and usually for a beginner I don’t typically recommend that you go down that route okay just because until you can kind of learn the ropes learn what it takes to succeed on the internet specifically or just a home-based business in general that you go to because again it’s it tends to be a little bit overwhelming the second option you have is to join a network marketing company many people join network marketing companies they’re they’re a great way to you know to to make money I’ve been involved in network marketing for many many years and I absolutely love the industry the industry is amazing there’s a lot of great people that you can meet there’s a lot of great products out there and it’s been around for a very very long time and it’s a very credible business model in the home-based business world and so I highly recommend that if you want to do a home-based business that you do check out a network marketing company there’s a lot of benefits to it number one it’s very low cost to start you know most companies you can get started for under five hundred dollars or less some are even under a hundred dollars so that’s a benefit right there you don’t typically have to have a lot of inventory that you handle and you basically just find customers and most companies have a way for you to go out and find customers so the number three way that you can start a home-based business is through affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income especially on the Internet the idea of affiliate marketing is that you find an affiliate program for instance let me give you an example amazoncom they have an affiliate program and so what happens is they have all millions of different products you can drive traffic to those products through a special link that Amazon gives you and they will pay you a commission when somebody purchases a product through your link that’s the main idea of affiliate marketing well there are literally hundreds and thousands of different affiliate programs all over the internet that help you to earn money or earn a commission the main thing with with affiliate marketing is just learning some of the marketing methods to be able to do that it’s really not that difficult but affiliate marketing is an amazing way to generate an income and it’s you know I’ve been doing this online for about seven years been in the industry for about 15 been do for about seven and I do this full time absolutely love it but affiliate marketing has been an amazing amazing way to build an online income so here is one of the issues with all the three ideas that I gave you all three are very viable and a great way a great thing to do creating your own product is awesome doing a network marketing company is awesome and then doing affiliate marketing is awesome the biggest problem with most most of these is that in order to be successful with them you have to learn how to market you’ve got to learn to drive traffic to offers and this is not something a lot of people understand and it takes training it takes understanding it you need tools you need all kinds of stuff that will help you to understand what it is that you are looking for the best way I have found is to tap into an existing platform or something that trains you and helps you to market pretty much any offer that you choose if you want to do your own products you can do that you want to be involved in a network marketing company it’ll help you generate leads for that if you want to do a fillion marketing and I help you learn how to drive traffic to affiliate offers and I have again been online for many years I’ve earned multiple multiple six figures and commissions every year and I absolutely love it it’s been an amazing amazing thing for me but there is one system that i have used over the years that has helped me to learn the marketing methods and it’s very cost-effective and so what I’d like to have you do if you look in the description of this video or you can look on this video and click the little button there and you’ll see a window pop up so you can go off and check off the website but essentially it’s a free presentation a video that you can watch doesn’t cost you anything to watch it and you can check it out and see what it is that I’ve used over the last seven years really to drive traffic to my offers to get traffic to get sales really on autopilot and it’s just been an amazing thing for me I’ve literally at this point of recording this video I’ve generated over 50,000 leads using the exact same platform and training that you’re going to see on the next on the video when you click it and enter in information so i highly suggest you do that click the link below in the description now enter your information you’re going to get access to that free presentation and i will see you on the inside okay Congrats click that link now bye what you’re still here just click the link just click the link that’s all all right bye where is that cat

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