What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to a brand new video here on the channel where today guys just like the title says I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to create a landing page for affiliate marketing in 2019 guys I’m gonna break it down step by step show you guys the exact process I use for creating landing pages the exact tools I use I’m gonna be showing you guys everything you’re gonna need so that by the end of this video you know exactly how to create your own landing pages you guys can go out there and do it with that being said I’m gonna show you how to do that by jumping into my computer in just a minute guys before I do that though I just wanna remind you right now to please leave a like and subscribe if this video helps you out at all and with that being said guys I’m not gonna waste any more time we’re gonna dive straight in and I’m gonna show you guys how to create a landing page alright guys we’re now in my computer as you can see and we’re on builder allcom digas builder all is actually the exact platform and software that I use to actually create all of my landing pages in my business but those of you who have never heard of builder all before I’m just gonna scroll down the page really quick right here but it is essentially a digital marketing platform that allows you to create pretty much everything you’d ever need for your online marketing so websites landing pages sales funnels webinars animated videos and pretty much everything you’d ever need for your online business which is exactly why I use it and why I recommend you guys use it to build your sales funnels and your landing pages as well with that being said the guys you guys can of course come and check us out yourself there’ll be a link down below in the description where you guys can actually go ahead and sign up for builder all yourselves that way you can either follow along with me in the video or you guys can also wait till afterwards to see if you’re actually like the platform first or not so with that being said guys they also have a ton of other landing page creators you guys can go ahead and use if you don’t want to use builder all right now guys we’re actually gonna go ahead and dive into my builder I’ll back office where I can actually go ahead and start showing you guys how to create the landing page so right here guys I’m of course already signed in so now that we’re here to actually go ahead and create a landing page in build roll all you need to do is come over to the Builder section click that and then we’re gonna be going to the drag-and-drop pixel-perfect builder we’re going to click back once you guys do that you’re gonna have three options my sites new website and then sales funnel I’m gonna make an entire another video just covering how to actually make sales funnels with but for now guys to make the landing page all you need to do is click new website once that loads up all you guys need to do is actually come down to the category section right here again guys they have an absolute ton of different categories and Nisha’s you can go into but of course we’re clicking the landing page because that’s exactly where we’re looking to build today so of course what you’re gonna see on the right side over here now is a ton of pretty much pre-built landing pages the you guys can go ahead and use and all you have to do is actually go ahead go in edit them change some of the text the pictures of videos and once you go ahead and do that once you guys are swap in all those items you’ll pretty much have a completed landing page number guys all the landing pages are gonna be a little bit different now some of them have videos a lot of them are knee specific so for example online poker jewelry sales nutrition tennis travels so guys if you’re in a specific niche they most likely have a landing page built already directly for your niche now if you want something a little bit more generic a little more basic what we actually go ahead and do is we’re going to scroll up back to landing page we can go ahead and click the drop down arrow where you can actually get different types of landing pages of course checkout sales webinar and then a more basic landing page which what I’m gonna be showing you guys in this video I’m not gonna be covering the checkout sales or rubbing our pages on here but they’re gonna be very similar they will just have different elements on the page of course a checkout page is gonna require a few different elements then a basic email opt-in page which is what I’m gonna be showing you guys today because I don’t want to over complicate this video I want to make it very beginner friendly with that said all we’re gonna do is click landing page and again you’re gonna see a ton of different pre-built landing pages the you guys can go ahead and use now for the sake of the video I’m gonna use a more basic one just so we don’t drag this video out too long but we can go ahead and scroll up so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and click this one right here email opt-in – 19 to actually go ahead and just see the page first to make sure it’s something you actually want to work with just click it once and open in a new tab so this is pretty much the landing page guys of course we’re gonna go ahead and edit it to make it our own I’m gonna show you guys how to do that in just a second once you guys see this is a good landing page it looks all nice and clean super simple guys again you don’t want a ton of stuff over complicating your landing page once you go ahead and you realize this is the landing page you want to use when it come back and we’re just gonna click edit now this will open up the builds roll back this editor we can actually go ahead and pretty much adit all of our websites layout webinar pages alright guys so now here we are looking at the builder all drag-and-drop editor so one of the main reasons I actually really enjoy using builder all is because it’s so easy to use and to edit and to actually create landing pages this is of course the drag-and-drop editor and it is exactly what it sounds like guys you guys can just drag and drop pretty much all the elements all over the page anywhere you want and it’s really that simple guys so with that said we’re gonna start editing this landing page now actually making it our own and I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to do that there are only four things on this landing page that we really need to edit so I’m gonna show you guys how to do that with that being said any of the headline the sub headline the download now button as well as this email opt-in box of course is first name but we can go ahead and change that so that it collects email as well builder all actually integrates with pretty much every email autoresponder service you’re gonna go ahead and use I personally use get response but they also integrate with everything from Aweber to MailChimp to send layne pretty much any email autoresponder you would need which is fantastic with that said the guys to actually go ahead and edit this page the first thing we’re gonna do is actually edit the headline text to actually go ahead and do that just click in this box twice so now we can go ahead and delete everything in here type our own stuff of course whatever goes in this box will be specific to you and whatever you’re selling or giving away as a freebie so for the sake of the video guys and because I don’t have a specific product I’m actually going to be using to promote in this video I’ll use an example so I’ll just say I’m using a free ebook giveaway that covers diet tips diet and weight loss tips that’s exactly what my headline and my sub headline are gonna reflect again whatever you type in here is gonna be specific to you I’m just showing you guys how to do it alright so to save you guys the time I’m actually watching me type all this stuff out I went ahead and just cut the video but I said all I really did was just changed the headline and the sub headline I got has double tapped in the box edited the text again guys this is a quick example of a headline I would use I would definitely spend some more time on this if this was a product I was actually gonna be promoting but with that I just wanted to show you guys some of the features and how easy and quick it is to actually edit things in build real platform now with that said guys the last two things we need to go ahead and edit like I mentioned earlier is the box down here so as you guys can see the sub headline clearly says just enter your email below to get free instant access and like I’d already told you guys or we need to change this box to go from first same to actually collect email addresses and it’s really really simple to do that guys all you need to do is right-click and what we’re gonna press is elements and this will give us a configure elements pop-up all we need to do guys click this little plus icon right there on the gray to add an element and of course we’re gonna be adding email address now guys you guys can see there are a ton of different things you guys can actually go ahead and collect in these forms but for the sake of the video for what we’re doing we’re just gonna be collecting email addresses and once you guys go ahead and click email it will give you this box to just adjust a few settings I personally change the visible label too not visible just appears it looks a little bit cleaner and then as far as placeholder fields I get rid of that and I just enter email because then people still obviously get the idea they need to enter the email address below alright guys so now we’ll be collecting first names and email addresses you guys can leave this alone if you want but what I usually do is I usually get rid of the first name and just collect emails usually converts just a little bit higher so with that said to delete the first name section what we’re gonna need to do is click this little red minus icon and then click OK to delete this element and then it’s gone that easy click confirm that we now have an email opt-in landing page pretty much set up alright guys so the last thing we need to actually go ahead and edit is gonna be the download now button and to do that again super simple just right click and to change the text on the button we’re gonna click of course button in the text section again you can just delete download now you can leave that if you want but I’m gonna change it to get instant access now okay and then this click confirm it got changes just like that if you want to change the color or maybe the shape of the bun or any of those other things you have to go again right click appearance from there all you have to do is click this little cog icon right here to click Edit style and then you guys can mess around with a few different things the style of the button the fonts the colors pretty much anything you would need guys you guys can go ahead and edit that stuff if you want but if you guys want to leave the button as is then this is pretty much a completed landing page again guys there are other landing page and sales funnel creators out there but in my personal opinion this is by far the best one because you really get the most value for your money if you actually want to go ahead and sign up for builds roll and start using it yourself there will be a link down below in the description who enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like and definitely subscribe for more videos just like this one and with that said guys my name is Anthony Villa and I will see you guys in the next one

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