Hi everybody, this is Jason Fisher from timeandfreedom.com here to talk about how to pick the right network marketing company. It’s really, really important that you pick the right network marketing company before you throw your time, energy, and reputation into something. Because we have… that’s the most valuable thing that we all have in life in general is our credibility. Now my first 12 years in the business; the wrong business, I had 5,000 folks that dwindled down to 56 people having no residual income in the end. And after picking the right network marketing company, I have now two residual income. I have 5,000 active customers that are shopping every month; month and month that out.

And we’re gonna talk about a universal principle that myself and other industry leaders deem to have to have if you are to create lifelong residual income in your network marketing company. And that universal principle, if it’s governed correctly, there’s massive success. And if it’s governed incorrectly, there’s massive failure with no residual income in the end. We’re gonna talk about this universal principle, then we’re gonna talk about the three things that you absolutely need with that principle if you are to actually create lifelong residual income in the network marketing industry. So picking the right network marketing company is one of the most important things that you can do. So let’s talk about why there’s really no residual income in the industry as a whole and to make sure that you pick the right network marketing company as your last business.

If you’ve been in a few, I hope that this video really, really demonstrates why you can find a home here. And if you’re brand new, then you’re really lucky because you got to hear this information before you got involved with maybe the wrong type of business model, or the wrong network marketing company. Well that universal principle, after I lost everything had 5,000 folks down to 56 people. All of a sudden, I said it’s the 80/20 rule. It’s all about the 80/20 rule. If you haven’t heard of it the world is made up of the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of people do nothing while 20 percent of people do something, or 80 percent of the money is earned by 20 percent of the folks. Well you can take ten doctors in any industry, take ten doctors, ten lawyers, ten chiropractors, ten cab drivers. Two are gonna shine and they aren’t gonna do too much and that’s in every industry.

And it’s typical in the home based business industry as well; in the network marketing industry. Two do something, eight don’t do much. Well then I started thinking well what makes these businesses work is numbers. Numbers equal orders, and orders equal residual income. And whoever has the most numbers ordering in the end is going to have the most residual income or at the end of my business, I didn’t have a business that was for the 80s. I had a business for the 20s or as I would call it a 95/5s. I had a business not for the masses. Well who are the masses, who are the 80 percenters? Your brother, your mother, your sister, your next door neighbor, someone that doesn’t have a lot of drive or tenacity or sales experience. They’re not good at justifying overpriced products that are good products. But in many cases very overpriced compared to where they would normally shop for those type of products. And in many cases products that they never bought before, so now it’s a new buying habit. And I said to myself, “If I’m gonna throw my time, and energy, reputation into something one more time, I better go find something for the 80s.” But when we started to look at the landscape of the network marketing companies out there and the network marketing industry we saw that they were all 20 percenter deals.

The compensation plans were made for the 20 percenters. The price point of the products. The only people I could justify it were the 20 percenters. The only people ordering in the end were the 20 percenters or as I like to say the 95/5 percent rule. But universal principles will say 80/20. And then all of a sudden, it makes sense why all these network marketing companies have five to 11 percent of sales domestically, or for that matter in any one country because they don’t have real customers buying long term. And that is 90 to 120 days when an average person gets into a network marketing company, their budget starts changing the tune of 100 to 200 dollars a month in non-necessity products that they would never buy long term.

And when they find it hard to justify those products in other people’s budgets, what’s the first thing that they do? Not only do they cancel and quit the business, but more detrimental is they become a number off the board because they quit being a customer. Because their budgets changed and they started to spend new money that they were buying prior before joining that network marketing company. So it’s really, really, really important to understand this concept that you need a network marketing company on two levels. Number one, you’ve got to have a network marketing company is that for the masses; the 80 percenters, the average person. Because if they can have a business that they don’t have to justify overpriced necessities or new buying habits in people’s budgets then they’re gonna win. They’re gona stay more active than if they were in the typical Network Marketing Company situation.

But here’s number two. If we could find a business model; which we have. We could find a business model that whether the person took action or not, they still stayed as a customer because it made sense to be a consumer of that product every single month. Because it was better in quality and they saved money compared to where they were shopping then we were going to have a home run. See I’m the same jockey, different horse. I had 5,000 that dwindled down to 56. Now I have 5,000 active. Why? Because there’s value in staying a customer whether there’s a financial gain or not. And that’s usually only people that state ordering a typical multi-level marketing company are the ones that are trying to stay qualified for their bonuses overrides residual income. Hence why most network marketing companies don’t have any more between five to 11 percent in any one country around the world because it’s always the 20 percenters that are staying qualified. So we have found an established business model that has the 80/20 principle in place and the three rules that you need, are the three concepts that we’re gonna go over right now that allows you to have long term residual income.

Here are the three things that you need to have the 80/20 rule kept in place throughout the entire process to make sure that the 80s are active. Here’s the three things you need in a network marketing company otherwise, you’ll never have the 80s active. Number one is you need necessity products. You need things that people have to buy, have to use, have to reorder where their budget is not changing. You’re not selling someone on the new need. Very, very important the average person can’t do that. You’ve got to have lots of things that people already currently buy. Number two, they’ve got to be dramatically less than where people are shopping for those type of products. So you’ve got to have necessity products for all. It’s gotta be things that you’re already buying, and using, and reordering. It can’t be a niche skin care product, skin care cream, lotion, potions, juices, hair care products.

Can’t be anything like that outside of someone’s budget. So it has to be every day necessities that are priced below where people are buying. We like to say Wal-Mart or below price point. That’s how you keep the 80s active, that’s how you keep them active buying every single month. And here number three, instead of the typical 120 to 200 to 300 a month that a typical MLM company would have you do to stay qualified with a very limited product like that in most cases is very overpriced, and more than what people would be buying up that product for a monthly basis at a bigger price point.

Why not drop the partnership between the customer and the manufacturer down to where a single family home could stay qualified? So not only with their budget not be changing, but they’d be saving money at the same time. Those are the three things that you need as well as the 80/20 principle because these three things is what keeps the 80s percenters active. If you don’t have these three things, then you’ve got a 20 percenter deal. You have these three things, then you’ve got an 80 percenter deal. Well myself and handful of industry leaders now hundreds have found the only business model that we deem to be the only business that creates lifelong residual income with a very solid business model that’s growing faster than any startup business out there right now.

And where we grew over 500 million last year alone and nobody can touch us. And we’ve got a home. And I’m excited for you if you are truly interested in finding your last one. If you’ve been in the industry and you’re understanding some of the problems that I’m talking about right now, you’ve found a home. And if you’re just looking into this industry, and you’re Googling network marketing companies to try to figure out which one would be best for you, then you’ve just saved yourself a lot of time and headache because our credibility is worth everything. And you wanna make sure that you spend your time, energy, and reputation. And you preserve that reputation by picking the right one. So click the link below to find out the company that we have chose. We’d love to share it with you.

Again this is Jason Fisher from timeandfreedom.com. .

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