Hey there Aaron Chen here hope you’re doing well and if you’re watching this video today then you’re doing a little bit more research on internet marketing okay so you obviously know the term internet marketing you want to get involved you want to see what it takes in order to become an internet marketer but you have no skills you have no knowledge you don’t have any idea how to get started alright so over the next few minutes I’m gonna talk a little bit about internet marketing you know what are some of the advantages disadvantages and how you can get started and hopefully you know this video will really help you to get a better idea of internet marketing so again my name is Aaron Chen I’m an online entrepreneur I’ve been online for the last nine years eight of those nine years I failed miserably I really struggled I spent all of my savings on learning how to become an internet marketer I’ve started you know several businesses a lot of them failed okay I’ve had lots of my social media accounts shut down because I thought I was doing the right thing but obviously I wasn’t I’ve tried different many many different business models and it wasn’t up until about a year ago where I really figured it out and generated over a thousand sales in my business so I want to sort of take you through that process I want to talk you through internet marketing so that you don’t have to struggle and you know go through the same process again okay so internet marketing is one of the most amazing things in the world that’s the first thing that I want to say okay so the fact that you’re here today you’re watching this video and you’re researching on internet marketing I applaud you because it’s going to open you know a whole wide world that you never ever thought was possible okay and the reason why internet marketing is so great is because you could literally be in any country in the world it doesn’t matter where you are you could be you know living in Cuba you could be living in India you could let be living in the US you could be living in New Zealand Australia and if you understand how to build an internet marketing business you can generate a very very significant income for yourself and then if you understand how to do it you can use tools software and systems to automate the process so that you don’t have to be there all the time now do you have to be there yes absolutely you have to spend time you got to spend money you’ve got a you know invest in your skill set to learn how to become a good internet marketer but once you figure that out and you know what you’re doing and you’re generating profits then you can start to systematize your business and then you don’t have to be there all the time which is huge it’s one of the very very few things in the world a few businesses in the world where you can truly use tools to leverage a lot of your time okay and you can build any type of internet marketing business you want you could be one person like my business I don’t even have any staff right I’ve got a few you know freelancers that I use on a regular basis right but I don’t hire anyone I don’t have you know a physical office I you know I do my work from right here this is this is my home office you can see you know this is all my equipment that’s my whiteboard right there this is the camera right here that I use you know to record a lot of my high quality videos right a lot of the video productions you can’t see this right but right here I’ve got two too big soft lights that are you know it gives white light and is shining on my face because you need good lighting whenever you do video right that’s that’s the the big mic that I used to record a lot of my videos that’s my Mac that’s my my my air right and that’s you know again my WIPO where I do a lot of my internet marketing strategies so this is literally my home office so whenever I need to do a bit of work this is kind of where I get it done right and there are so few businesses where you can actually you know do something like that which is why internet marketing was so attractive to me nine years ago when I first got started but the problem with internet marketing and a lot of people don’t tell you this is that because it’s online and because there’s a lot of technical stuff that you have to figure out it can be a very very complicated business right because there’s so many different types of business models excuse me there’s so many different types of business models that you can try that if again if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be very complicated and sometimes it will take you a very long time to have success and you know figure it out like in my case it took me basically nine years to figure out this this be least that is internet marketing right but the reason why I stayed the course and I worked so hard at it was because I knew that when I finally figured it out it the dividends and you know the benefits of the business would just be tremendous you know there is no other business model out there that can compare itself to internet marketing this scale that you can have in internet marketing is just absolutely tremendous I’ll give you an example okay the the most difficult part about internet marketing is figuring out how to get your business and profit and I like to use the example like you know when a shuttle takes off into space okay when a shuttle takes off into space imagine right there’s this huge you know gigantic piece of equipment that’s that’s all made of metal it’s you know full of gas in order for you to get enough you know enough enough lift to actually get that shuttle to take off the ground it takes a tremendous amount of energy right and so it’s probably it takes about probably 90% of all the energy for the for the shuttle to actually lift off now once it’s lifted off and it’s going into space right and it’s you know starting to hit the you know the atmosphere and it’s about to transition into space that it only requires probably about 10% in order for it to do that because all the hard work was done actually lifting that shuttle off now building an online business is exactly the same thing right 90 percent of your energy it’s it 90 percent of your energy is basically done right at the beginning when you’re learning the business when you’re building your infrastructure when you’re learning your skill sets to actually get your business off the ground and I would say into profit that’s the most difficult thing two things really getting your business in profit and getting it consistent okay these are the two things getting your business into profit and getting consistent right it’s very easy to make a sale but it’s very difficult to be consistent okay that’s the trick now if you can figure that out and if you understand how to make a hundred dollars in your business consistently every single month then you can figure out how to make five hundred dollars if you can make five hundred dollars you can make a thousand dollars okay if you can make a thousand you can make 10,000 if you can make 10,000 you can make a hundred thousand okay does that make sense and that is why once you’ve figured out the first part of actually getting your business to take off the scale that you can scale it out to is just absolutely tremendous and let me explain that a little bit more right so once you’ve figured out how to become profitable and you figured out that consistency in your business you can just scale the numbers because let’s just say for example you are building your business using Facebook right so you’re generating a lot of traffic on Facebook and you finally figured a way to make your front-end profitable and your sales funnel in the backend you know you’ve done old tweaks you’ve done all the testing and it’s very very profitable it converts very well all you have to do at the front end is just turn on the faucet right actually turn on you know and when I say turn on the faucet all I mean is just increase the amount of money that you’re spending on your ads in the front end so let’s just say today you’re spending about ten dollars per day on Facebook ads and you find a way to get your entire sales process profitable all you have to do is increase that that budget from $10 to $100 a can you can you imagine what that would do for your business right so instead of generating leads for ten dollars a day all of a sudden now you’ve jacked it up to $100 a day or even 10,000 dollars a day if you wanted to you know you could get your business to that stage where you’re generating where you’re spending $10,000 a day just on Facebook right imagine what you could do if you moved from one platform to another platform so now you’ve you’ve done Facebook advertising right now you move to Google advertising and you do the same thing you spend you know 50,000 dollars a month on Google advertising or you know whatever 100 dollars a day and then you increase it to $500 a day a thousand dollars a day you get the idea right and these are only two platforms imagine if you moved on to YouTube and then maybe you moved on to Instagram and then maybe you did solo advertising and then maybe you started a blog and you ranked on the blog and you did SEO traffic I mean can you see how big an online business can grow and literally you could be one person you don’t need a team of people yeah maybe you need a couple of sources to run you know some traffic for you you know if you want to do that eventually but it can be one of the leanest businesses in the world but the scale could be ginormous it could be tremendous and that is why internet marketing is one of the most exciting business models out there okay but you know what you probably already knew that okay that’s why you’re here today that’s why you’re watching my video that’s why you went onto YouTube and you talked and you typed out into that marketing because you wanted to learn a little bit more about it right but here’s the thing okay the thing is is that to be honest internet marketing even though the upside potential is just massive it can be one of the most complicated things out there now granted that the way that it is today compared to the way it is nine years ago when I first started it’s a lot easier today because now you know technology has improved and a lot of the websites are dragged and dropped it you know you don’t have to learn how to code anymore it can still be very very complicated okay so if you don’t know what you’re doing and you know again it took me you know it took me eight years to figure out right before I actually got into profit you need to you know learn from someone who has actually been through that process okay so when you’re learning internet marketing is very important that you pick somebody a mentor that you know you you think you can learn off okay and has it has gone through all that stuff that’s earn their stripes right let’s try different business models have so has you know try fail and then had success okay that’s very very important so if you want to spend a little bit more time with me if you want to find out what kind of internet marketing business I’m building if you want to spend a bit more time then all you have to do is click on the link right below this video you’ll see a little link there go ahead and click on that it’s gonna lead you to my website okay all you have to do on that website is enter you know your best email address I’m gonna start to email you some training some free training that you can learn today if you want to spend a bit more time I’m gonna show you exactly the type of internet marketing business that I’m building okay and then what you can do if you want is you can just go ahead and copy it for yourself just take what I’ve learnt over the last nine years okay and I’ve distilled my best stuff into four very easy to consume videos go ahead watch those videos I hope that those videos help you to build a very very powerful internet marketing business for yourself okay let me know what you thought of this video if there’s some aha moments going off in your head let me know if you’re excited okay because when I finally figured this stuff out about internet marketing man it was exciting okay it was really really exciting so if you’re excited let me know in the comments below give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you want to get more videos like this and I look forward to giving you that training on the next page so good luck in your internet marketing business take care

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