– BOOM, what’s going on everyone, it’s Steve Larsen from Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Today I’m gonna teach you guys about the MLM sales dance. (upbeat drums) If you’re like me you know MLM is an amazing opportunity to grow a real asset for yourself. But you also see that there’s huge issues starting to emerge. Like why haven’t big MLMs let tactics change in over 30 years. Or why have they been cutting commissions smaller and smaller. Or even, how dumb is it that old MLM rules say you’ll get in trouble when you use the internet to grow your team. Here’s some of the blaring questions we all face today. This podcast will show you how real MLMers like us are waging war on the old dying methods, and we aren’t cheating by only bugging uninterested family and friends.

Follow this podcast while I expose the shocking methods I’m using to build my 10,000 person downline, and get people begging to join my team daily. Here’s to the new tactics without all those old rusty MLM shackles. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Today I’m excited about this guys, okay a little while ago I was able to go in and teach some high executives in an MLM, and it was a lot of fun, it was intimidating, I didn’t realize that I was talking to the CEO and formulator and I didn’t realize that was the people who were in the room. Anyway, and I was talking with them and this is not a bash, but I want you to understand what was going down.

I was teaching some people different marketing strategies and methods and too often, so I was talking to a few people inside of their MLM, and sometimes companies will have me come do some consulting for them, things like that. So anyways I there, I was hanging out with them and I was chatting and some of their MLMers, some of their distributors of their product, I would ask them questions like well how does it sell, why does it sell, stuff like that, those are all questions that I ask. And too often, this is the answer that you would hear both from MLMs themselves, like corporate and their actual distributors and people who are there promoting the stuff. And too often what people will say is well hey, Stephen, the reason why people buy our stuff is because the product is just so good. Guys that is garbage, okay, nobody buys your product because it is that amazing. And even if it is that amazing, which I’m not saying that it isn’t, but hear me what I’m saying. Nobody buys because of the product. Products do not sell themselves. They don’t. There is this entire external thing going on on the outside of it.

When you get into an MLM, you own zero assets, you don’t even own the downline you’re building. You don’t own the product, you don’t own any of the sales messages themselves, does that make sense, you don’t own anything. Nothing, you’re a commissioned based salesman, basically. And until you look at yourself that way and learn sales psychology and what is actually happening, you will suck at selling. There’s a lot of products that are out there, and MLM you’ll walk out, tell me if you haven’t heard this. Where you step on out and you’re like alright, I’m excited, I remember one of the first MLMs I was ever part of, I was like so what’s the best way to sell it.

They’re like this product is so good, all you gotta go do is just get it in front of people, and it’s gonna sell, guys, that’s garbage. People are gonna buy it just when they see how good of a deal it is. That’s not a sales pitch, that’s not a sales message. When you hear an MLM telling you that, I’m not telling you the product’s not good. I’m telling you they’re not actually equipping you with the thing that causes the sale. And so that’s what this episode is about, we’re actually gonna cut over again to a Q and A session I did for the group inside of Secret MLM Hacks, if you guys are part of that program.

This is one of my favorite walk-throughs of what I call the sales dance. And this is what is happening. I want you to know that there are different chemicals in the brain and some of you guys have heard me talk about this before but there’s different chemicals in the brain that are being hit. But then there’s also a waltz that’s happening every time a sales message is going down. And this is the reason, I’m gonna tell you right now. You’re gonna see in this episode why you feel awkward talking about your product. I’m just gonna call it out as it is. You guys know the theme of this podcast now, right. I’m being very direct on this stuff. If you feel awkward talking about your MLM product, which a lot of people do, if you feel awkward approaching people about your thing which I know a lot of you guys do, I did for a long time, the major issue is not that the product is not good enough.

Did you hear what I just said, right. I know people who will go in and they will shotgun join MLMs. Whoosh that one that one that one, right, and they’ll go shotgun join as many MLMs as they can, and they’ll go do it because they’re trying to find the product that’s so awesome that people just have to buy it and get in the ground floor opportunity. That is not, focusing on the wrong crap, that’s not the stuff that causes success inside of MLM. It’s not, it’s not. Success and MLM is not based on getting in on the ground floor of an MLM. It’s not, okay, wake up call, it’s not about the product being absolutely incredible.

It needs to be, but it’s not what causes the sale. It’s not about you getting in, and getting your three to get their three to get their three, three levels down, and then suddenly you can just get off the wheel and stop and let go of the gas. Okay, it can help, but it’s not what causes success. Any sale in general is dependent on a sales message, not the product. Alright, not the product. And so what I want to do is walk through in this episode, we’re gonna cut over, you’re gonna watch me, I’m gonna go through four chemicals that the brain experiences during a sale, but then I’m also gonna walk through and I’m gonna show you guys the two things that are happening inside the brain every time you bring up some piece in a sales message.

If you cannot tell me what your sales message is and you’re frustrated in MLM, that is the reason. That’s the reason. It’s because your product is never good enough to sell itself. But that’s like what we’re told. Take the thing, go throw it in front of tons of people, it’s network marketing, meaning use your network. There is no sales message, and that’s where a lot of the times people get that weird feeling. People like to buy stuff guys, and too many times though the reason why they’re not buying from you is because you’re not giving them the opportunity to. You’re going straight to let’s get married before asking for a date. I need to teach you about what the sales message is. And I need to teach you what’s happening inside the customer’s brain.

This is true for all sales. But you don’t see any uplines teaching this stuff because they don’t know it. So we’re network marketing, MLM, direct sales, that’s where that weird feeling can come in. If you’re still experiencing that it means you haven’t learned how to actually sell. And it’s not a dirty word, it’s not a four letter word, it’s not something that’s gonna get you in trouble. Selling is the most prestigious, amazing profession in this planet. You understand if a sale doesn’t happen, the economy stops and all families and everything else, everything dies, everything goes back to third world countries when someone doesn’t learn how to actually get an economy running. I’m being dead serious, I’m not being funny with that.

Sales is amazing, be proud you’re a sales man or woman. And that’s what you need to become if you’re going to make it in MLM. News flash, if you want to be successful in MLM, you gotta have one of two things. A gigantic following ahead of time, right, a huge budget to spend a lot of money in ad, which some MLMs are still stupidly, stupidly saying no to, dumb, are you kidding me. I guess there’s three things. So you can have a giant following, I mean like colossally massive following which just throws you into immediate success, a lot of people don’t have that sitting in their back pocket, so they’ve gotta at least in their back pocket then there’s gotta be a huge, massive amount of cash so they can drive ads to get a lot of people’s attention quicker that way, right.

Oh if you don’t have one of those two things, the third option you have, you have got to get good at sales, and duplicating your sales message. That’s what Secret MLM Hacks is. That’s why I created it, I was so sick of the garbage that is pushed around in this industry, okay. So I love MLM, I don’t want you guys ever thinking I’m throwing rocks at MLM itself, but what is being taught, the tactics drive me up the wall, so this episode guys just so you know what we’re talking about here, and it’s a little longer I understand, but you’re gonna watch me walk through the psychology of the sales waltz, the sales dance, what’s going on inside the brain. The more you understand decision making psychology, the more you understand why people make decisions the more you understand behavioral tendencies and why people make decisions why they do what they do, the better marketer, the better seller, the more fat your wallet will actually be.

So that’s the purpose of this episode. So hey guys thanks so much, let’s cut over now and you guys are gonna see me walk through again four chemicals of the brain, some of you guys have heard me talking about that, but then also, even more importantly, the waltz that’s going on inside of the brain after that, guys let’s cut over there, we’ll see you on the next side. You can’t remove the thrill of purchasing from your customers. They wanna buy stuff from you guys, they wanna buy stuff, but a lot of times what’ll happen is we actually keep people from buying our own thing because we’re afraid to ask for money. So real quick, four chemical happy chemicals of the brain, right, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins. These 100%, 100% have to do with sales, okay. Dopamine, anytime I get on Facebook, how many times you get on Facebook every day. How many times you guys check your phone each day, right, they have engineered those suckers to give you a dopamine hit, which they do. Anytime you get a text message you feel good, right. You feel a little bit good, you like it.

Aw yeah. There’s a dopamine hit that comes with it. The same kind of dopamine that comes from any kind of drug, anyway, it’s fascinating, very addictive, comes naturally in the brain though. This is the chemical addiction. Now I wanna get distracted and I don’t want to go build a funnel, I’ve seen it fail me, (laughs) what I’m seeking instead is a feel good chemical distraction. Again, nothing wrong with it in proportion, something naturally comes from the body, but people get addicted to the dopamine because it is a distraction chemical.

If I’m gonna go right, when I would sneak out when I played video games in high school instead of doing homework, I’m seeking distraction rather than the pain of the homework, does that make sense. Oxytocin, oxytocin, is the connection chemical of the brain. This is actually the one that we seek the most. It’s also the hardest to get. This is when we want to have a connection with somebody, this is what makes us have a connection and fall in love with people, this is actually the chemical that makes us want to procreate.

This is the chemical inside, people want though to feel connection, they want community, they want to feel like they’re a part of something. It’s the hardest of the four to get, but people want to feel that. And so if you go in and you can start saying hey when you come in and you buy from me, XY and Z, or when you come in and you buy, can you guys imagine what this product would be like if this community did not exist. You guys get an oxytocin hit, man, when I go live on the sync, I know that. A lot of you guys, you guys are planning your whole days around this. You could watch the replay. Wait a second, what, why. Fascinating isn’t it, I got ya.

I got oxytocin with Stephen Larsen running straight for your noggins, right, and that’s what I’m trying to help you guys understand so you understand the sales psychology as far as, you gotta be good at marketing, you gotta be good at selling, you gotta be good at closing, but man understand what’s going on in the person’s head, because a lot of times you’re just not hitting enough of these good feel good chemicals that are natural in the body, inside of your own MLM sales process, okay. Serotonin, serotonin is the chemical of status. What’s the status that I give you guys when you join me. It’s a status increase, I’m not saying negative status, oh look how good I am, there’s a little social status, kind of like yeah, I’m a maverick baby.

Freakin A. I’m a maverick, I do things different, I do things smarter and we even have our own manifesto which is freakin kick butt just still I’m really excited about it, I think we’re gonna ship that out to you guys sometime soon. It’s a status chemical. If I get no status boost from buying your supplement product, versus the other guy it doesn’t matter which one I buy. If I get a status boost from the knowledge of knowing that I get this huge sick awesome offer, right, this thing over here, yeah check that out, that’s so freaking cool, that’s a status increase, I’m a maverick, son, yeah, right. There’s a status behind that, and what’s cool about that is it’s harder to switch somebody that’s had a status boost away from their current product, because it means that they have to have an identity shift.

You do this by giving them a new identity, I’m a maverick son, I’m a maverick. I wanna I wanna I wanna ship out to you guys a whole bunch of aviators. That’s one of the things I wanna add into it. I actually wanna ship out to you guys too some of these coins. Little things like that, they mean a lot to me. They mean a lot to me but they’re mementos, they’re reasons for why I do what I do, I am trying to change the world, right, and you guys are with me on this, and it’s working, it’s working okay, it’s been a ton of fun. Endorphins.

I think I’m spelling that right, oh oops, endorphins. There we go. Endorphins are like endorphins are one of the easiest ones to get. You have to work for them, you don’t really have to work for dopamine, which is the reason it’s so easy to get and why it’s so addictive. You have to work for endorphins a little bit, but you still feel good. Things like working out. Working out gives you an endorphin release, but there’s still some action required in order to actually hit it. A little bit of action. Just a little bit of action. As soon as I get just a little bit of action, a little bit of input on my side, dopamine and endorphins are the easiest two to get.

Bam bam, those are easy. Status, serotonin and connection oxytocin are the ones that are the harder ones to hit. But if I can get you guys a status increase by giving you an identity shift, and giving you a status increase by letting you know check it out I give you all this stuff, I have a status boost knowing that I’ve got a better deal. Look how much stuff I got. Look how much stuff I got in that offer. At just the normal price, I am a wise buyer. I am a wise consumer and that’s what they feel and that’s what I want them to feel and that’s great, but the same thing comes down to true with the oxytocin if I can give you guys connection there’s a reason that it’s the very first command, the very first call to action they give you, post purchase, is so that you come inside of the group and you do things like introduce yourself to everybody else. If someone comments back besides me, boom, oxytocin hit. You two have a connection now that I could not have created. And that’s the hardest one to get. That’s the hardest one I’m gonna get and as soon as you have snap just that little tiny connection suddenly, suddenly you start feeling a slight, there are these negative addictions and positive addictions, you feel a slight positive addiction to the content, even though you haven’t gone through it yet.

Isn’t that fascinating. This is fascinating crap. And then right here there’s marketing, selling and closing, you’re trying to hit each of these inside, if you can weave those inside of the actual buying experience that’s a big deal. That’s a huge deal. So right off the bat, really before even looking at anything that you’ve put out, ask yourself where we feel like the ball is being dropped. If I don’t wanna tell this really awesome story, actually let me make sure you guys can see the screen, yeah you can kick it. If I go in and I tell these awesome stories, and I tell these origin stories, and I’m telling these stories and I’m like hey, man there’s this story and I was really overweight and I took this supplement and I lost all this weight and you’re able to do it in an emotional way, I have a high likelihood of creating a connection with you. Boom. And if I tell it in a way where you become the protagonist in my story, I actually can give you a little bit of a status increase.

I can actually even, there’s a whole bunch of these chemicals I can hit just by telling you stories, right. I can give you an endorphin hit if you buy, which is why people like to buy, and I can distract you through the story as well. I can make you laugh. I can give you some feelings of rapport. I could make you like me, I could be funny, I could be powerful, I could be a victim, I could be in jeopardy. Those are the different five, I can give you two of those five, bam. I will effectively done some of the items on here. So start thinking through some of the ways, because buying, buying is an emotional experience which we justify logically later. Buying is an emotional experience which we justify logically post purchase.

We are not in a logical state when we purchase, because we’re so hopped up on goofballs here, on bam bam bam bam bam, that we are logical, but really we’re emotional. Okay, and so we’re going through here and we’re saying all these emotional things. Emotional things, right and we’re dealing with the emotional psyche, we are changing the way the person sees the world and then afterwards, we are dropping in with our offer, which is this part right here, and giving a bunch of reasons why they should give the cash right now. Alright that’s closing, that’s closing. Anyway, that was a good one huh. (laughs) I’m gonna save that one, that’s going in a book. Anyway, just know that’s the issue you have to understand with a lot of MLMs. Think about what the standard MLM is teaching you how to do, and if you’re like I don’t know that I wanna do this stuff, you gonna understand this is selling. I’m not just saying, I’m not just saying buying products. You’re gonna sell somebody on a habit they have to create, you’re gonna sell somebody on doing something different in their life, it doesn’t have to be money.

Any kind of action goes through this kind of process. Any kind of moving forward or progression goes through those chemicals of the brain. And if I can weave in elements of you connecting with other people, not just me. If I can weave in status increase, feeling good, both by rebranding who they are as a person giving them a brand new identity, shed the old one, kill it, that’s exactly what I do also from a macro level, throw rocks at that old MLM way. If I can get you to do that, if I can get you to take action and feel some progress and actually just do module one, you’ll feel an endorphin hit, because you’ve had some progress, you’ve learned things.

Crap I didn’t know that, that was amazing. You get, this is very emotional. Very, very emotional, these are all the happy drugs that obviously go on inside the head. If I can distract you every once in a while, right. Please understand the nerve wracking part I have of telling you all this. I don’t want anybody to want to feel oh Stephen got me, no no no no no, please take it as a million dollar lesson, to go in and understand and learn how sales happen.

It is not about your product. If sales don’t happen because you have the best ingredients from the most obscure places on the planet, that’s not why anyone buys. That’s like maybe a little line item over here on the last part of closing. Did you know hey we also use the best ingredients. Oh, sweet. Well heck, throw in the towel, I’m gonna go and do that. But if I haven’t had any kind of emotional response of a person, I’ve got no drugs entering in their head, I haven’t built up an offer, and I have no option then at that point to simply sell on features, which is what MLMs do. We have the best products. We have all the crazy ingredients from here and there.

We have the best comp plan. That’s fantastic, absolutely awesome. No one buys for that though. That’s not the reason why anyone runs out the door saying take my credit card. And if you can figure that out, and understand that’s how a sale actually does happen, and people want that, you’re gonna do great. When I first started learning this stuff a while ago, I almost felt conflicted over it, because I was like, this is some seriously powerful stuff. And it is, you are literally affecting the way somebody sees the world, please do things ethically with it, this is not normal stuff. These are levers in the actual human psyche. You can turn on somebody and this is the closest thing to the Xmen and real mind control. They actually exist on the planet and you gotta understand the power of it and the power behind all this stuff and why it works.

And there is a dance that happens in the sales processes. Here’s the dance. You come out and you make a statement saying that somebody needs to buy. They wanna buy already. We know, there’s a great book called The Consumption Instinct, it’s something we all have, especially in Western culture. We buy crap, we buy stuff. You think people are buying less things nowadays or buying more. They’re buying more things. At an increasing rate or a decreasing rate. Increasing rate, okay. And if you’re not selling at an increasing rate with the market that’s consuming at an increasing rate you have to ask yourself what is it that you are not doing that the rest of the market is. This. That is what it is. And so this is the dance. All selling is this way. I’m gonna go and I’m gonna tell you a story and then ask you to buy. And you’re gonna come back and you’re gonna go ah, but what about, and you’re gonna give me a wall.

And then I’m gonna come back out the wall’s gonna combat you and you’re gonna say oh I get it, yeah I totally get it. I see your wall, I see your wall. You just acknowledge the wall, then you’re gonna take a little step and you’re gonna step out from the side and you go hey, but, story, buy. Okay, and then you’re gonna go oh but, you’re gonna change locations, okay I get it, I get it and you know what I do wanna buy, I see it, I see you, uh huh, uh huh, listening, but wall. And then you’re gonna go you know I understand. I really do, I see what you’re coming from. But story. And try and close again, buy. And then you’re gonna pop back out again with another wall. You go oh but I don’t know.

Move this thing. Boom boom boom boom boom okay. Wall, finally, finally finally finally. This is typically where the final one happens. Where you go I see it, I see you, I see your objection, it makes sense to me why you would have it, but story, buy. And these walls and these objections in the head, naturally occur in the order of a product based objection, this is a vehicle, the vehicle based objection about the product. I’m telling you look this product has the wheels, is the vehicle to get you the desired outcome you’re going for. I’m like sweet. Okay but and you’re like I see you, I understand but man did you know, alright and the next objection, typically in the brain goes to insecurities. It goes to my capacity as a human being to pull off what that product actually is. I don’t know if I can be consistent taking that supplement every single day. I don’t know how to exercise, I don’t know how to work out, I don’t I don’t not good enough, insecurity, insecurity, insecurity.

So the first wall, big wall, usually about product. Next one is usually about internal or insecurities. And the next thing, the next thing in here is about external. There, says external, external. And external meaning resources. I see that the product has possibility. I see that I have the ability, I could actually probably pull it off. I don’t have the resources, I don’t have enough time in my day, I don’t have the support from my spouse or loved ones, I don’t have money for this, but I see that it could work, and so you have to, this is the order of objections that the brain logically, but it’s actually emotional, goes through during a buying or any decision in your life ever.

And so when you’re thinking through how to actually make people do stuff, how to actually get people to do things, they’re doing this. You wanna go to a movie, vehicle based objection. I don’t like that movie, that’s a vehicle based objection. I do like that movie, ah you know what, I don’t know that I’m old enough for that. I don’t know, maybe you’re going with a few kids.

Or you got some kinda insecurity along the way, alright. Next objection, oh you know what, I wanna see that movie, I see that I’m able to see that movie, but, I don’t have any money or I don’t have time, or I’m gonna miss the previews. For me, if I miss the previews I don’t see the movie. (laughs) The previews for me are just as enjoyable as the movie itself, I love previews. It’s a sales message, every one of them. Anyway so story, story story, see that as four major stories, so Billy, if you’re looking at your script, you gotta know exactly what wall they are throwing to you. The category that the wall fits in, is that a product based objection or a vehicle, is that an intro based objection or their insecurities, or is that an external based objection or the resources. Resources, that’s the easiest one to kill. Internal, that’s a big one for people a lot of times. Man I’m just not good enough or I don’t deserve to be wealthy, I don’t deserve to not be poor, I’ve done too many bad things in my life.

That’s a big psyche one, when it comes to MLM stuff. This is the first money making thing I’ve tried, am I a bad person because I wanna make money, right and they freak out, that’s a huge one especially in the MLM space. Products, that’s a big one also. Does that product have the ability to X, Y and Z. And people’s natural tendency is to get into features. Well yeah it does because of this feature and that feature. Pshh, don’t ever do that, fish slap the crap out of that. Okay, you gotta understand that it is about story, so instead you come back and you tell a story of someone else who used it. Anyway, is this helpful, it’s just another way to explain the same things that I go through but I hope that it’s helpful.

Hopefully you see why this matters so much. I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna create four chemicals in your brain during the three phase sales process. And inside the sales process, the marketing portion of any sales script is this. It’s this dance, it’s this sales dance. Here’s this, objection, oh, I see your objection, but and then you close again, they’re like oh, here’s another objection, I see your objection, but, here’s another story, closing in, you just hit it from different angles. Bam bam bam. One of my early sales coaches, six years ago, crap that was six years ago. One of my early sales coaches, he had always taught me, he said you gotta understand that your resolutions to get over objection are like arrows on a quiver.

He said you gotta keep a huge quiver and always be sharpening those bad boys, okay. It’s like what you don’t do, is you don’t take every arrow out at the same time and fire every arrow at the person, it stresses them out. Stresses them out. Shoosh. Instead what you do is you say, little tiny story and go immediately for the close. A lot of you guys just talk too long. Seriously, you guys gotta learn how to close. You come in you tell a little story, so hey I’ve got this suit supplement do you want it. I don’t know, anyways love to be able to give some to ya.

It’s like ten bucks, you wanna get some right now. It’s like whoa wow. The only scenario we can go that fast into the close is when you’re ready with the huge quiver of arrows to come back with a whole bunch of other objections solving resolutions and stories, and you know, okay I know what objections this guy is gonna go for okay. It is a dance, it is a game, it is a sport. It’s a sport. I always know and guys you gotta do the exact same thing. I always know what the major objections are gonna be within the first three weeks of selling anything. Anything, why, because everybody thinks their scenario is different, they’re not. You hear the same five or six objections to selling your product right now from every person, don’t ya, right. I have to talk to my spouse, not enough money, not enough time, I don’t know if I’m allergic, let me talk over here, it’s the exact same freaking objections. And so what your task is as any sales person, any business owner ever is to understand the major objections people have to buying your products, and then having one or two pre-created arrows in your quiver, for it, so that when you hear it and you feel that that guy’s about to give it to you, you’re like, whoopsh, I’m sorry you said you wanted to buy, it’s like no no, whoopsh, and you fire that one back again.

Fire another one back, oh I got a story for that one, oh, got a story for that one, oh a story for that one, and every time you tell the story, you close again, and they’re the one guiding the sale, because they tell you the next objection. I don’t need to know what their objections are gonna be, I need to know what they most likely will be. And I need to know what my answers to them are, and how to close at the end. Guys this is how you close quickly. You don’t need, sometimes I feel like people just wait too long to go for closes, and it’s because number one they don’t have the actual drugs running inside the person’s brain, that’s very very important. But number two, number two, they go in and they don’t understand what the most likely objection will be, we don’t know in sales script writing, that’s what writing that cute list of false beliefs is. That’s you, pre-identifying when I show you my new product what is gonna be all of the objections, what are the things that’s gonna stop me at the pass, and they’re gonna drop down and go I see that that cures every ailment in my life, but I gotta talk to my spouse first, and you’re like are you kidding me.

List them all down, know the story that breaks it, and then know that you’re in this dance, and when you’re doing the script, all you’re doing is you’re looking to go okay, I see we’ve probably got five or six walls, that he’s got right behind his pocket, and as soon as I say you need to buy this, and you don’t need to do this in high pressured scenario guys right, a lot of times when I say these kind of things people go but I don’t want to pressure people. Okay. That’s not even, if you’re pressuring people it means you’re not telling stories. If people feel like they’re being pressured your story is not good enough. And do MLMs teach that, no. They don’t teach any of that stuff. And it’s the reason why MLM gets the wrap it does about people feeling pressured. I joined an MLM but I don’t want to tell anybody because they’re gonna feel pressured. Okay that means you have no idea how to tell stories and number two you don’t know what objections you need to be answering.

Isn’t that fascinating. That’s all the game is and it’s one of the most fun games ever I love sales psychology. Putting it on the internet and building the funnel around it, that’s amazing. It’s auto pitching it 24/7, but at the core of it, man that’s nothing if you can’t do this. Does that make sense. So my challenge to each one of you guys and Billy I know I’ve gone for a while I actually have to get off soon I’m supposed to be on something else here soon. My challenge to each one of you guys is to start writing down all the objections you get when you are A selling your product or B selling your opportunity.

And as you begin to list out all the objections, those are what false beliefs are. That’s a false belief you got there, huh. Interesting. Well what are the top ones about the product that I hear most frequently. Top one’s not product. Top one’s about someone’s ability internally to pull it off. Top one’s about someone’s external resources and ability to pull it off and as you write those down, oh man, beautiful, what’s awesome about it is it becomes the fuel for multiple sales script, and the offer to set you apart from everybody inside your upline and your downline and it is not challenging, it is literally a different way to speak about your stuff.

That’s all it is. And you can toss in a few extra things here and there. And go to freaking YouTube and say hey I got some sweet videos here that will help you X Y and Z, you don’t even have to sell them, but when you buy my product, I’m gonna give you X Y and Z videos that are about this kind of supplement and why it’s so important. Doesn’t even have to be yours. Go to YouTube, it’s public domain, search that stuff, and send the URLs afterwards, bam, you just provided more value than anyone in your upline or your downline, who’s even thinking that they could. Anyway, man today’s been a freaking rant. I’m loving this rant today, it was a good one. (upbeat drums) Aw yeah that was a good one. Hey remember to leave feedback for me on iTunes.

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