Aditya – Yes. You have forgotten your lunch box. Bye. Press the bell icon to get latest updates from The Zoom studios. Good morning, guys. Bro, boss is calling you. Why? – I don’t know. You must have heard the rumours. What rumours, sir? The Mint article. Economic times. It’s true. The buy out is happening. We are being taken over by MTM. The company is progressing, Aditya. That’s phenomenal, sir. I know. After all, I had cracked the deal. But the management of MTM wants me… to take some tough decisions. So I need your help. How can I help, sir? Do you like green tea? They say it is good for weight loss. After the takeover, a lot of roles will be duplicated. GBS won’t need the excess weight. We need to cut the fat from the organization. I need you to be my green tea. Give me a list of all the employees… who scored under 3 in the last quarters’ appraisals. After that… We will relocate them in a different department. No, I am afraid not. But don’t worry. You be my green tea… and give this new company six pack abs.

You never know… you might progress from being green tea to protein shake. So guys, what do you think ? There is always Fenugreek flatbread on Tuesdays. And kidney beans and rice every Wednesday. Kidney beans and rice. Oh! It’s Thursday today. I am sure today there will be sweet flatbreads. I am getting strong fragrance of spices. I am sure it is potato fritters. It’s definately vegetarian Bet? Done. It’s potato fritters. Guys. Can you keep it down? Some of us are actually trying to work over here. Why are you upset after meeting Desai? We’ve placed a bet. The right guess will get the biggest portion. And that will be mine. Great. Okay guys, let’s do this. Babe. – Yeah. Are we doing lunch? Yeah, we can. Oh God! It’s sabudana khichdi (Indian dish). Now we will have to share it equally. Guys, the tiffin is all yours as usual.

I will see you after lunch. Thank you so much. Why don’t you get some water. No way. Wow! Are you having your nails for lunch? Did you read the article in Economic Times? We might get taken over by MTM. Has Desai said anything to you? You know I really hope that they aren’t any layoffs and stuff because of this takeover. All the casualities will be from our firm only. Though… I have nothing to worry about. Because my baby works in HR. You won’t lay off your girlfriend. Right? Phone. Aditya, we are in the middle of our conversation here. You can talk to your mom later. What if there’s an emergency? Your mom has an emergency everyday PM, PM and PM. To ask the usual questions. Did you eat? When will you come home, son? Oh God! What is it with these Indian mothers? Have you eaten? When will you come home? Obviously…

He will eat when he feels hungry. And he will return home at night. What’s the big deal? Mothers, I tell you. Sometimes they are annoying but largely they are sweet. Aditya. – Yes. You really need to start being more independent now. You’re 26. And you still live with your mom. You can’t even cook noodles, can you? I can make tea, okay. What? Green tea? That doesn’t count. Green tea. Let’s go please. Please, let’s go. I’m getting late. Please. – But.. I am still eating. – Let’s go. Okay, just a second. Let me check. Aditya! Thank you, buddy. Tell aunty that the lunch was superb. Tasted exactly like home. I ended up calling my mom. And she continued talking for half an hour. But it’s okay. Thank you. Hey, you are here? No, this is my ghost. What’s the matter? Are you in a bad mood? Listen, Mrs. Chhaya had come. She is performing somewhere. She gave me two tickets. She insisted that we have to go. For moral support.

See this. Mom. These tickets are for a standup comedy show. You won’t enjoy it. They crack double meaning jokes. So what? It’s great that it is a comedy show. You will also feel better. Then we can go to a new place for dinner. Let’s go, Adi. Mom. Let’s go, Adi. Okay. What do I say? Day before yesterday Ms. Batliwala came to see me. She had an accident with a taxi. She said that taxi rammed into her all of a sudden. From behind. And she said… “Look My lane is very narrow” “How did you enter such a narrow lane?” “And on top of that you rammed into me in full speed.” “Sometimes it feels that” “it is important to make a fool of yourself.” “A little risk and madness are important in life.” “If not now then when?” “I really liked Chhaya’s show.” “Yes, the jokes were adult.” “But we are adults too.” “She did some foolish things.” “But she did everything from her heart.” “She has no regrets.” “She did whatever she felt like doing.” “How do I explain this to my son?” “He doesn’t listen.” “He is always busy with his phone.” “He doesn’t come out of his room.” “I know…” “…he wasn’t in a good mood today.” “But I don’t know the reason.” “I will know only if he tells me.” “Tell me what should I do?” Hello.

Hi. Thanks for coming in here. Nice shirt. Looking smart. Smarty. Smart. Nice tie. So, let’s come to the point. I’ve some good news to tell you. And some bad news. What should we start with? Good news or bad news? Let’s start with the good news. So, the good news is that you will get three months’ salary… credited in your account at once. Yay! Bad news? Why don’t you soak in the good news first? The bad news is… This will be your last salary. I hate to be the person telling you this. But you’re being laid off, mister.. Shan.. Mr.

Shubhrat. Listen. No.. no.. your job is safe. You.. No. No.. Listen. Let me.. Listen. Don’t tell anyone outside. It’s a surprise. Suvrat. Suvrat. I am in the IT department. This software will take away my job. I should just pack up now. Nice top, ma’am. Nice tunic, ma’am. Don’t cry please. You will understand when this happens with you. Telling me to stop crying. Nice tie. At least, I will get three months salary at once. What more do I want? Nice tie. I was going to quit, anyway. Will you have some coffee? Just drank a cup.

So… Vivek. I hate to be the person telling you this. Are you firing me also? No. No.. No. But you’re being laid off. – What? I won the employee of the month.. ..three months back if you don’t remember. It is not in my hand. Vivek, please don’t take it personally. Personally? There are two employees in HR. You and me. And everyone knows who is more deserving, okay? If you think that you can increase your rating… serving everyone lunch. Wait and watch. – Listen, Vivek. You listen. To hell with you and your company, okay? Hey.. Tough day, huh? Tell me about it. Are all the layoffs done? Only one is pending. So what are you waiting for? Screw you, Aditya. This wasn’t in my control. Listen, Malvika. Malvika, listen to me. It was boss’ mandate. To layoff everyone with a rated below 3. Malvika. Malvika, how is this my fault ? Didn’t you make this list? I was just doing my job. You know what’s your problem? My problem? That is exactly your problem. What does that even mean? Add some clarified butter I have roasted the semolina already. Now add some milk. Add some food colouring. Add some sugar Mix it all up. And now let it simmer.

You are in a bad mood again? What sort of job is this? You’re always in a bad mood. Listen, I saw Chefali’s show today. And learnt a Pasta recipe. I have tried to cook it. Taste and tell me how you like it. Okay, you rest I will serve dinner. Here you go. Adi. I have been thinking about something since yesterday. Isn’t it nice that Chhaya started something new. What if i also do something new? No… not comedy. Something else. Adi! What’s the matter, son? Tell me. Adi. The office looks quite empty, isn’t it? Soon it will be buzzing with MTM employees. You have earned this cup of green tea.

Drink up. You will feel better. By the way, nice tie Aditya. I am not hungry. Your food was the best part. We used to place bets and fight battles to earn Aditya’s lunchbox. It was us who ate the meals, Aditya didn’t even know If you have packed Thaalipeeth or Poha (Indian dishes). Don’t even try making a business opportunity out of your cooking, It’s not your cup of tea. And it’s not as if i will never get a job in life, That you need to earn money.


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