♪♪♪ It’s cycling so fast. I haven’t achieved. Such a failure. Feel like I am going nowhere. I am not fit. I wish I could be more attractive. I’ll never find love. So lonely. I’m going to be single for the rest of my life. I’ll never be wanted. I must have done something to make her mad. Everyone thinks I’m boring. No one cares for me. Nothing works out for me. I haven’t achieved anything. You have been so good to me Lord. I have had some great success. God is on my side. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Today is going to be a great day. God’s timing is perfect. I’m so loved. These friends are such a blessing to me. God, you are so kind to me. My friends are awesome. Thank you, Lord. Amen, let’s give the Lord a big hand. Come on church. Say Jesus! Hey, let’s all the campuses, all over San Diego, and microsites and people watching online, give a hand to the people that made that video. Amen. We have an amazing team of technical people that put this stuff together so that everyone can see and hear and experience all the services through the internet and the campuses. They do a great job, give them a hand. Amen. It is good to be back from vacation. I missed y’all so much. Every time I come back — thank you, every time I come back from vacation I am nervous and rusty in my communication.

And I have my sneakers on and wife gave me and I am smooth, and have my running shoes on, are you ready to go? Say Jesus, come on now. I got two announcements. I will try to make as efficient as possible, because I have an hour of stuff to say in 30 minutes. Number one, you might have heard that we bought a strip club, anybody hear that? If you haven’t heard that we bought a strip club, raise your hand — okay, let me clarify.

It’s true. There is a strip club, there is 11 strip clubs in San Diego, give or take and five here in our Point Loma area and two at the beginning of Rosecrans, the body shop has been there 15 years and closed in December, and businessmen heard it closed and has a license that runs two more years. And the businessmen decided to buy the building and prevent being used as a strip club and then sale, amen. And they came to us and said, hey do you like to get in on this. Yeah, love to, but we don’t have strip-club money — we haven’t thought about it. It’s not in our mission statement, I’m just saying. So even though we have women who go to minister to the strippers. And of course we love all of them and they are welcome at our church. And we have been ministering to employees, and patrons and strippers for years. And we don’t have money, and the businessmen raise million and give 300,000 to the church and use that to buy.

Okay, that’s fine. We didn’t use any money in the budget but donated to us to be part of the ownership. These guys all don’t go to our church. It was a kingdom transaction. So you know, and if anybody knows and how can your church do this. And by the way, if we had a bunch of money I would have done it. That’s stuff that we do. Number two. In September 11, I wrote a book on racism called “The Third Option,” and September 11 it releases. And a couple of days before that, and comes out September 11, that’s a Tuesday. On September 15th, that Saturday, we will have an event here simulcasted event, two hours and free online. And now we have 181 host churches that will watch it and participate — amen. We are asking those churches to invite churches of different ethnicities. And most churches are monolithic, black or white or Hispanic, and say that 90%, majority of one ethnicity. And ask churches of different ethnicities to get together and diverse races watching. And then when the event ends we will encourage all the sites, and know this in advance, to get in small groups and discuss this story, in diverse small groups.

Talk to someone different than you about their experience. These discussions are not confrontations at all. It’s about me sharing my experience and the instruction we will give there is no response to what someone says. In other words, we are not setting people up to get jammed up but setting people up to hear the story of someone else. If any discussions get uncomfortable, you raise your hand and say “family” and everyone stops talking and you start over. The purpose is to get in conversation and look someone in the eye and hear their story. We do not know each other’s story. A lot of information we get is from family and friends and television and it’s flawed. So we need to hear our stories. The — you may say I’m not a racism, and the book’s title is “The Third Option,” here’s the third option, you are biased and flawed and you don’t understand people’s pain and burden.

You don’t even understand yours because you were taught through your family and culture and exposure, it’s part of the story. The book is about how to get back to honoring the image of God. And part of that is hearing other people’s story. I challenge you that you all come. And before you come, on Saturday, September 16, I will do this announcement every week, I don’t want you uninformed. We will make history, and probably 200 host sites around the country. And I want you to come on Saturday, September 15, and come early, and predetermine before you come who you sit in that small group with and hear their story. The small group discussion afterwards is optional. You don’t have do it but what a better opportunity and place to have that discussion, right here. I want you to think about who you are talk to, if you are a couple, get one another couple.

That’s it. If you are white, somebody who is not white. Don’t come with your uncle and tell me your story. Get the point. Somebody who has a different background than you, I promise you, you will be enlightened. And God will build a story in your heart. God deserves better from us. It’s one thing to sit in church. We have amazing diverse church, 97% of churches do not look like this. 97%. We have something special and however people sitting next to each other and I don’t know if I talk to you outside. We want to move the needle more here and not only an example to other churches. And when you go to work and you will be more bold and conversations with people at work and the park and movies. Can I get amen? September 15. If you know a pastor of another church, it’s free to them.

If they can text the word “race” to 52525. Text the word “race” to 52525. Put that — Then they can register their church to get it for free, amen. Sound like a plan? Okay, are y’all excited for church today, yeah, let me pray. Lord God, thank you, we are ready to go. Are Holy Spirit we acknowledge your presence, we want your wisdom, speak to us, challenge us, jam us up in Jesus’ name, amen. Turn to the person next to you and say, Holy Spirit is going to jam you up. Let’s go, let’s go. Get your Bibles out on the count of three, one, two, three say word. One, two, three, say word. Turn to Mark 16. Mark 16. Every year I make it a point to go vacation. My wife and I not only go on vacation we have get-aways all the time. It’s very important. We went away and during my vacation, which is spent a lot of times watching my wife get a tan.

Because I don’t lay in the sun, I am under the umbrella. I say, God give me a word. I want to get a profound revelation. And three weeks ago or so I was thinking about stuff. And God said to me, you know what? You spend a lot of time managing your life, managing your month, your year, your day, your time. Managing this and managing that. I want you to manage your moments. In other words, when you get anxious in that moment, manage that moment. When you are fearful, manage that moment. In other words, when you sense fear come on, what are you going do at moment? What you sense jealousy, what are you going do in that moment? When you are anxious, when you are prideful, what you going to do in that moment. I am starting a series called “Mind your Business.” say mind your business. Minding your business is giving mental focus to the business of God in your life each moment.

You can come to church and have a great time and read the Bible and pray, and have a great experience and walk out the room and start cursing. Walk out the room and say, I went to church now I’m going to strip club. We had ladies going to the strip club and ministering, and the guys were there and the ladies said to the guys and watching the strippers and we are from The Rock Church. And the guys watching the strippers dropped their heads and said, we’re from The Rock Church too.

Hum, two for one. Praise the Lord. Why? Because you are not minding God’s business. The you can walk with the prince of peace and have turmoil in your heart. You can have this supernatural revelation from the lifetime world and walking in darkness. Why? Because you are not thinking of the things of God all the time. You can pray and worship. But you don’t make decisions in the moment about God’s business. In Matthew 16, Jesus had revealed to his disciples, miracles. Raised the dead and blind and mute and walked on water, did all of this stuff. And taught him and saw him deep with the Pharisees in wisdom. And guess what? I will die and one of y’all will betray me and I will die and rise from the dead.

And Peter said, no that wasn’t happen and what Jesus said in Matthew… If I am Peter, why can’t I be Satan — why not stupid or idiot. Jesus said you are offense to me because you are not mindful of the things of God. You are not mindful of the things of God but the things of men. What you think about has probably more do with your spirituality than anything else. As much as. Because the Holy Spirit can do all of this work, God can give you joy. God can open up doors of opportunity. He can bring opportunity to your lap.

But if you don’t make a decision to take it, it does no good. And a lot of you in messed up situations, not because of God, but you made a decision not to obey him. You couldn’t accept the things of God, they were too big for you. You heard it, he revealed it to you. And in this series we will talk about renewing your mind and changing the way you think. Every series I think is the best ever because it’s my series. And this is the latest thing in my life, I am excited about it. And I tell you this is the best series ever and the most important of your life. This though — this — how many of y’all wake up in the morning and you feel anxiousness ever? Anxiety. Okay, by the way if you are new here, when we raise our hand, we put our elbow above our ear. Keep a hand up, say I am not alone.

Why? Because we are in this same exact spiritual battle. Anxiety is an anticipated disaster. Anxiety is an anticipated disaster. Hope is an anticipated desire. When you wake up in the morning and the devil is trying to beat you down right now. While he wants to set the course of your day this way. He wants to get a jump on everything, in that moment you have to say no. That’s a decision. He will come at you, that’s what he does. But you have to say no. We will look at how the mind works and the difference between your mind and thoughts. Four weeks. And next week I will interview Dr. Amin. I don’t know what we call him, he’s a brain doctor and teaching me for a long time. And talk about automatic negative thoughts, and calls them ants. We have them all the time. Not going to get into it. But you know that have jealousy thoughts and blame people.

Automatic thoughts, negative. And talk about that next week and how to destroy them. Can I get amen. By the way, real quick in your notes is a declaration I want you to say every day. I want to go through this efficiently because I have a lot of information in the next few minutes. I want to recite this declaration, and if you are going to renew your mind. You have to think positive thoughts and recite positive things and the word of God over and over again. It’s not just going to happen, it’s a decision that you work to make and change it and transform it.

And one way to do that is recite the declaration, say this out loud on the count of three. One, two, three. Say… One more time together. You have to say that over and over. It’s going to be in your lesson plan every week. You say it over and over again, over and over again. Over and over again.

Over and over again. You are not going to learn by doing it one time. It will not happen. You will not learn we praying about it. It will not happen. You have to pray and obey. Number 3… We will talk about that in two weeks a lot. But mention it today. But the physical shape of your brain changes. With your thoughts. Oh — That can’t be true. It’s true. It was on Google. I read it online. It’s true. One, two, three… Say yes! Say yes! Very good, body, soul and spirit. Here we go, I will do a review that we did from our Kingdom Warrior series so we can understand the role of your mind. Everybody say body, soul, spirit. Your body is this, physical body. We get that. Your brain is part of your body, it’s physical, amen. Everyone got that. Simple. Heart and soul, that’s your mind, conscience and emotions and personality. You cannot touch those things. By the way, your mind is separate than your brain. You will hear this every week. Your mind, they work together but it’s separate than your brain.

And talk about that. Say spirit. Okay, this is where the Holy Spirit is going to live. Okay, so your body. Your personality, your conscience, your emotions and your tripping and strongholds and negative thoughts. And God’s presence, y’all following me? Next slide. Your body interacts with the world, your body interacts with the world. Your soul interacts with the spirit and body. In other words, your soul can interact with the spirit of God and the body. And your spirit, this is where God lives. You following me. So when you get saved your spirit is enveloped with the Holy Spirit, new creature in Christ.

See in a minute. Next one… If I want to know what my body looks like, I don’t read the Bible. The Bible is not going to tell me what my body looks like. I look in a physical mirror. This is a new outfit that my wife bought and shoes to match, she wanted me tripped out and I tried it on, and I looked in the mirror, snap, it’s good. The only way to do that, it doesn’t matter what I feel or think, the only way is to look in the mirror. You follow me. And how is your heart identified by what you feel and think. And your spiritual identity is completely determined by what the Bible says.

Your spiritual condition has nothing to do with what you feel. Your spiritual condition has nothing to do with what other people say. It has everything to do what the Bible says. This is why it’s important. This is fact, this is not chance. God’s word is forever. You will have all kinds of emotions, good, bad, discouraged and happy, it’s all over the map. And your body is like, what you tell me to do, I will do.

Next one. Salvation impact. When you get saved, there is no impact on your body. In other words, if you are fat when you get saved, you are fat after you get saved. If you are short when you get saved, you are short after you get saved. If you are dumb before you get saved, you are dumb after you get saved. Someone say, I have the mind of Christ, I’m not dumb. You are dumb, Jesus is smart. You don’t have access unless you access it. AH. Because dumb people say stuff in the name of Christ. And Jesus says, I didn’t say that, that was you, don’t put my name on it. When you get saved, the impact on your personality, nothing. Impact on your mind, nothing. You have to make a decision. If you are depressed, you might be still depressed. If you curse, you could still curse. This is the mystery, why do I go to church and nothing changes? Because your mind is not renewed enough to be about God’s business moment by moment and you are thinking about his word.

And you are pulling down strongholds we will see in a minute and fighting a battle in your mind. I will talk about this in the coming weeks. You have 60,000 thoughts a day, some say 30,000. Doesn’t matter, you have 10,000 thoughts a day and three-quarters of them are negative. That’s why your life is jacked up. The Holy Spirit is perfect. The Bible says spiritual impact spiritually you are new creature in Christ. You are righteous spiritually. I am seated at the right hand of the father, you can’t deny that. I may still be overweight but spiritually at the right hand of the father. And put that verse up there…

Why do I still lust and still prideful and insecure and angry? Because this has to be renewed. This is where we live. Next slide. We will look at impact. I will start over here, when we receive Christ, we receive the mind of Christ. You have, when you ask Christ to be your Savior, you have the mind of Christ. It says in I Corinthians 2:16… When Christ fills you with the spirit of God, you have everything that God has living in you. And guess what? He’s waiting for you to access him. I wonder how many of you pray, and how many is you asking God for stuff. Forgive me for misrepresenting the spirit of God. And your prayer and complain about this and that.

And God is like this — I already know that. When you going to let me talk? Because nothing you are saying to me is new. But what I have to say to you, is going to rock your world. When you are done, let me talk. And here’s what we do, God this, God that — amen. And God is like — All you did was talk to yourself. You didn’t let him talk to you. The Bible says in I Timothy that we have love, power and the sound mind. God didn’t give you the spirit of fear. You want to make a sound decision, ask God, read the Bible.

The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, given to us for wisdom. If you want wisdom, read Proverbs 1-5. It’s not complicated. And if you say, God what do you want me to do. I am glad that you asked. I am getting ready to date this man, what do I do. Ask him how many wives he has. For real? How many wives do you have? God just saved you a bunch of headache. It’s not complicated. Insight into the father’s business. God says, hey, you are not mind. Of the things of God. You are mindful of the things of man. You need to say, Lord I want to be about your business. What is important? You can come to church, have your experience.

And many of you come to church and you are like, let me rate the performance. Miles was funny today. Or the worship — okay, whatever. What did you get from God? I pray, I study God’s speaking. What did you get from God? And what are you going to take from God and apply to your life in your decisions? Because if you are not going to apply in your decisions. It’s just theory, it’s religious. You have in the moment, day in and out.

Someone comes to you and makes a smart aleck remark to you, and you say, right now God want do you want me to do. Someone lies to you, God what do you want me to do. This is mindful to the things of God. And say, Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do, I am anxious calm me down. It make may take five minutes but do something and make a decision. You follow what I am saying? Four things about the mind, write in your notes, these are four things about your mind.

That you need to be aware of. Number 1, the mind can stand outside the body and evaluate thoughts. Oh, snap! What? Your mind, now this may sound freaky to you, about I will illustrate it physically. Okay, I will use my name. I have a thought. And my mind goes, hold that miles, what are you thinking about now? I don’t know, look at this verse… By the way. A stronghold is an incorrect destructive thinking pattern. I’m ugly. I’m ugly. I’m ugly. I’m a failure. I’m a failure. People always disappoint me. I will never get married. God doesn’t love me. God doesn’t love me. God doesn’t answer my prayers. Those are incorrect destructive thinking patterns and they have stronghold in your life. They have you in bondage. The weapons in warfare are not carnal but mighty in pulling down those strongholds. In week 4 we will talk about that more. Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

God said he loves you and something says that God doesn’t love you. God says he has a future and hope for you and something in you says that life is one big failure. And you have this battle in your mind, and your mind says do I believe this stronghold and the lie, or trust the knowledge of God that does not change. That’s who I am really am. Am I going to live up and believe in the position that God elevated me to when I gave my life to Christ. This is a decision in your mind. And often when people get saved they think something spiritual will happen and they will be different. You want to lose weight, and you are like Holy Spirit I want to lose weight.

Then get your fat behind on the treadmill. You don’t just pray, you have to make a decision. And by the way, when you make a decision on the treadmill, you have to be tough whether it hurts. And you have to make a decision to stop eating Twinkies on the treadmill or smoking cigarettes on the treadmill. That’s what you have to make a decision, everyone around me smokes. Get different friends. Listen to the garbage on twitter and Facebook, and cursing and talking about this politics and division, division, division, and you are like — can you talk to me about God? Can you speak life to me, fill my head.

Remember this stuff here, a lot is from negative input you put in your head. Read the Bible. Read the Bible. If this is the only Bible you get, the devil is going to beat you down. You are just not that good. Jesus prayed all night, all the time. If you only worship God once a week, you are weak. You have to build your spirit up.

Next thing. You create a new brain. Number 2, your mind can create a new brain. I can’t wait to do this message. Every time you have a thought, you have a different structure formed in your brain. Every thought is a different structure in your brain. Oh, snap. Every thought is a physical structure in your brain. When that thought changes you have a different structure. You do brain surgery every day, and every thought impacts every cell in your body, positive or negative.

Every thought impacts your body positive or negative. If I come to you and say you are an idiot — but if I come and say you bless me. Whew, I did, huh? You can speak life to yourself. How do you do that? I am made in the image of God. I will think on things that are holy, pure and lovely. And God has a future for my life, just like the video. If you are not thinking on those things, you will be in bondage to the opposite. Number 3, choose life or death.

You can choose life or death. When you leave here, you will do something that is either destructive or empowering to your spiritual life. What you put on the radio, who you talk to or and what you eat or snort or watch. It will either give you power, life or death. Think about it. Mind your business. When you turn the radio on, what are they talking about? What images are they putting in your head? I was walking out — I won’t get into it. Number 4. Your mind can be renewed. Change. Romans 12:1-2, we will end with this verse… Everybody say living sacrifice. In the Old Testament when I — when they brought a sacrifice they had to bring a sacrifice pure and holy and put on the fire, and consumed by the fire. We say, God I am here to function for you, use my voice, use my hands and legs and use my personality and soul and use my experience, use my facial expressions you have given me. Use that for your glory.

It’s submitted to you, that’s a living sacrifice. You don’t go, God here I am. You are, God, what do you want me to say and where to go. And then talk to somebody about race. That’s scary so I am not going to do that. God says, no, you can do it. You really can. Think about the people in your life. That you think that you know. Just ask one to sit down and talk, all you have do is listen.

You can do that. Okay, okay. You got to fight that battle. You got to fight that battle. I give myself, a living sacrifice. Say holy. Take a deep breath in, say holy. Holy means set aside. When you brought an animal to be sacrificed it had to be healthy, precious, one years old. You couldn’t bring a broke lamb and blind, and couldn’t go baa. That was it, you have to take that bad boy baaack and get another one. You have do your best. Don’t wake up and do this — let me have prayer time. Dear God, bless my day — okay, amen. What kind of prayer time is that? Give God your best. Then it says acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. You have no other reasonable thing to do. It is not reasonable to get your information and make your decisions about your life from the television. It is not reasonable to get your information from talk radio or internet. It is not reasonable for you to make a decision or determination about your worth by Facebook. That’s not reasonable. It’s insane. Because what you are looking at is not true.

Does it mean you don’t get information? Not saying that. But I am saying what is reasonable is that you give your life and you give your mind and you let Christ renew your mind. That’s what is reasonable, why? Because he knows everything. You are never going to improve on his wisdom and power and love for you. And you will never improve on how much he can bless you. Ladies, there is no guy on the planet that can bless you more than Jesus. He don’t exist. I don’t care if he has an eight-pack and all of his teeth and a job and no baby mother in his life. Keep reading… Don’t think like the world, please stop.

God, renew my mind and then I will prove what is good, acceptable and perfect will of God. You know that God has given you opportunities. He’s given you business deals. Relationships. But you reasoned about them according to the wisdom of the world. Fellas, God brought you a woman and she wasn’t the shape that your lust was thinking about. And so you liked her. She was everything clicked but your mind was telling you, well she ain’t sexy enough and you went for Jezebel. In the Bible, Jezebel is the name for a loose honey, a little chicklet. And God said — over there, that one. No, I want Jezebel. Okay. Jezebel got — her middle name is Jez-a-smell. Don’t get it twisted. It goes the other way, women and guys. Don’t get it twisted, it applies to our life that God says I want to give you something good, and you thought you were wiser than God.

And he said don’t do that. And by the way you met that person in church and now you blame Pastor Miles for the drama. And don’t assume anything — I meet people. Hey, I go to Rock. Okay, when is the last time you have been? I went to 7 o’clock service San Diego State. That was like 11 years ago homie. And they say to that me, you know they will say that to you. My point is God will you give me wisdom in all things. Mind your business moment by moment. And in a minute we will pray, and here’s my challenge to you. And some of you will have to say Lord I want Jesus in my life because I don’t have spirit of God living in me. And some of you saved for a long time and your life is jacked up and/or you need to surrender your mind.

Before we pray, I want to challenge each one of you. Three more weeks we do this series, come every week. That’s a decision you make. Adjust your schedule. Adjust your schedule. Get in an rGroup. Adjust your schedule. Be generous, adjust your schedule. That’s a decision. I talked to a guy, do you go to church, and works for the church. How you do that, brother you are selfish. You have made a decision, don’t tell me you are not ready.

You have decided you don’t want to do that. It’s up to you, you have to look at yourself in the mirror. Here’s what Jesus will say, I died for you and I sent a guy from New York to yell at you every week and have rGroups and you will tell me that you didn’t have the opportunity to dot right thing. It was on you, right here. You want to be holy, right here. And make a decision. Everything, all the resources to be holy is available to you. You pray five minutes a day, what do you think five minutes is going to do? The devil laugh at your five minutes because you spent four minutes complaining, and you say in Jesus’ name, please bless me today. And he goes, what is that? The devil says you are such a fool, I will talk to you before you open your eyes. It’s a decision. The church can change the world if it just decided to walk with God. It decided to pray. Jesus prayed all night. When was last time you prayed an hour? An hour? When was of the last time you could focus on God for an hour without focusing on your problems.

Let’s pray right now. Lord Jesus thank You so much for Your faithfulness. Holy Spirit I pray that You speak to people right now, all the campuses. Fire. Lord we hear Your voice and keep dismissing it and start worrying about stuff. We just don’t trust Your word. The Bible, that small still voice in us and all the ways You reveal your truth to us. If you want to make a decision today to surrender yourself as a living sacrifice, either to receive Christ as your Savior or you need to surrender your mind, heart and life.

Because you say a prayer and do religious things but you are not minding your business. Mentally focused on the things of God. I want you to pray this prayer with me. If you are saved and you say, I don’t know why just pray it. Don’t over think it. Just trust God. In the privacy of your heart pray, dear God, I trust You. I love You. I know Jesus died and rose from the dead. We celebrate every year Good Friday and Easter. I know He loves me. Because He died for me. And I know I can trust Him. Because He’s put up with me all of these years and hasn’t killed me.

So Jesus, I surrender my life to You. I surrender my mind, my thoughts, thank You. On the count of three, I will ask you to stand up whatever campus you are in. You are going to make a decision, I am going to stand. And you may be sitting there and going, I don’t know why I stand but feel I should. Then you go, make that decision to trust God. Always err on the side of obedience. The side of faith. You can’t out obey God. You can’t out love God or give God, He always has your back. On the count of three, if you prayed that prayer or think should have prayed that prayer. I am going to ask you stand up in all the campuses. One. Two. Three. Stand to your feet. If God spoke to your during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior It’s as simple as A-B-C.

Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord. That He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then, confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, Just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to Hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. and fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name, amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know.

We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. .

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