Hey hey how’s it going this is Aaron Chen here hope you’re doing well welcome to this live YouTube stream for those of you who don’t know me and this is the first time that you’re watching one of my videos or being one one of my youtube live streams my name is Aaron Chen I’m an online entrepreneur I’ve been online for nine years but eight of those nine years I failed me really really miserably okay I really didn’t know what I was doing you know just like most people that come online for the first time in their life and they try to build you know some sort of home based business or online business into that marketing business you know they struggle right and it was the same thing for me I really really struggled didn’t really know what I was doing and I made a lot of mistakes so I made a lot of mistakes for about eight years you know invested very very heavily in different businesses online in my own online education you know learning how to do presentations well learning how to generate traffic learning how to do webinars and and all that stuff right so we’re going to talk about some of that stuff today but you know if this is the you know if you’re just coming on the call right now again again my name is Erin Chen welcome to the YouTube livestream we’re probably gonna go here not too long you know I don’t want to go too long I want to give you some really really powerful information here that you can use and take action and what you’re gonna get over the next few minutes really is I would say four of the biggest ways that you can build a home-based business okay so obviously if you’re here today you want to learn a little bit more about you know maybe internet marketing online marketing and home-based business okay so I’ve tried lots of different business models over the last nine years over the last year though had some very very huge success okay generated over a thousand sales in my business last year I want to show you how to do that as well I want to show you how I was able to do that basically took eight years of failure and turned it into one year of really really good success and I’m just riding that wave right now okay so if you’re a little bit confused about home-based business what I’m gonna do is I’m going to break down potentially four there are a few more than that but I’m gonna talk about four of the main things four of the main ways that you can start a home-based business you know what are some of the good options what a some of the not-so-good options and then we’ll kind of go from there okay so I’ve got a little chart for you right here and I’m gonna really start from the top okay I’m gonna you know use this chart I’m gonna go back and forth but but these are the the four options right the first one is network marketing okay so network marketing what is network marketing network marketing is basically multi-level marketing MLM you’ve probably heard of this before this is where I started this is how I got into the home based business industry I join an MLM company a network marketing business it was actually a company that my dad recommended me it they were selling hirable mushrooms okay funnily enough herbal mushrooms it’s a great company it’s actually a Malaysian company I invested very heavily into that business and was very very excited because that was the first time that I actually got into a business you know I’ve always been a corporate guy right and so invested a lot of money I invested about how much was it at the time it was probably about a thousand one hundred US dollars something like that to get in at the top level and started recruiting my friends and family because that’s what they were teaching you how to do right so I probably recruited about 20 you know 15 20 25 people and then it started getting really really difficult because by that point I’d spoken to all my friends and all my family and I didn’t really know how to take the business to the next level and so you know I was giving cards out on the street I was you know running into people in supermarkets and handing that you know handing out flyers for them to join my business and if you don’t know what a network marketing company is it’s basically huge companies like Amway you know MonaVie Herbalife where you recruit people into your you know what’s call your downline and the bigger your downline grows the whole you know principle is that eventually it’s going to keep growing because people gonna keep people into the business and then you’re just gonna get passive residual income and you don’t have to actually work anymore now in principle it makes a lot of sense but in reality it doesn’t really work that way okay because not everybody in your organization continues to recruit and if you’re not a strong recruiter yourself then it could be a very very difficult business now there are people in the world that are very very successful at network marketing MLM but I just felt that it’s it’s not one of the best home based businesses that you can run because eventually you’ll run out of steam and the problem is is that a lot of these network marketing businesses they don’t really focus on selling product they actually focus on recruiting and that’s a problem because you know according to the FTC and there are different governments and different regulations you can’t do that because then you know it’s it’s kind of a pyramid scheme almost right because it’s all about just recruiting people and a lot of these big network marketing companies they get shut down eventually so over the years I’ve been a part of four or five different network marketing businesses and two of them we shut down in 12 months you know I joined them from the you know from the ground opportunity when they first started and within 12 months they got shut down so all of my effort you know putting into building that business even though you can build it from home and you can you know you can do it online as well I actually went online I found out different strategies I was generating leads online and building them into my organization but these companies got shut down so my income got cut okay and so while some of them like Amway and Herbalife are still around I still don’t think that they’re the best opportunities out there I mean if if you want to build something you know if you’re very successful in something else and you just want to have sort of like a supplement kind of income from network marketing go ahead and do that but I wouldn’t have it as my main option it’s just not one of those things that I would recommend okay so that’s option number one home-based business that you could potentially try there thousands of MLM and network marketing companies all over the world so you can just look around in your city you know wherever you are whether you’re in the US or Australia or Asia or Scotland or wherever right there’s tons so you can take a look if that’s what you want to do okay that’s option number one I wouldn’t recommend it though as a main one option number two I would say is is blogging okay so blogging is basically when you where you got to do it online obviously right because a blog is housed on the internet and blogging is cool right the way it works is basically you you you hire someone maybe you can hire them on fiverr.com or you can order you can hire an outsourcer on websites like upwork upwork.com is another one and you can basically hire someone to build your blog or cost you maybe 100 to 500 dollars roughly depending on the quality of your blog right what you would do then is you would build a blog based around a certain interest or niche okay so a niche could be about you know making money online it could be about gardening it could be about animals about dogs it could be about sports it could be about weight loss right it could be about you know how to get six-pack abs or whatever it is it’s gotta be around some sort of niche area okay and then what you would technically do is you would write articles on that particular so let’s just say it’s weight loss for example right so every day on a regular basis you would write high-quality value driven articles about weight loss you know you know the different foods you can eat the different recipes the different exercises right the different types of diets for example so that’s what you would generally do and then each article what you would do then is you would rank it on Google by using something called search engine optimization okay what that means is that you rank your articles for a particular keyword phrase that Google will like and then they would rank it on Google so when somebody types out a particular keyword phrase like what are the best diets to lose weight your article will rank on the first page of Google right and people will see that article and then they will click on it they’ll go to your blog and they’ll see your blog they’ll read your blog article and when you start ranking all of your articles on Google you might start to get you know a few hundred or thousands of visitors per month to your blog every single day and every single month and that’s kind of how blogging works right so once you have a lot of people coming to your blog what you can do then is you can monetize your blog so you could have like banner ads on the side you could create your own you know weight loss program that you sell for $49 or you know $500 whatever you decide to do right you could you could have guests you know people write guest articles on the blog and they’ll pay you to write articles on your blog because you’re getting so much traffic right so that’s basically how blogging works in a nutshell okay blogging is great but the problem with blogging and the reason why I don’t personally like it even though that’s something I’ve tried as well is that you’re always fighting against Google okay because Google know is that people are trying to game the system right so Google has a particular algorithm that will allow you to rank your videos and articles on their website right but because Google knows that you’re trying to gain their system and rank on there they they change their algorithm on it on a regular basis right so sometimes they change it every year sometimes they change it every month sometimes they change it every week you don’t know the algorithm always changes so sometimes you might have you know 40 articles ranking on Google and when they change the algorithm bang one day all your articles are gone you might be able to find them on Google but they won’t rank on the first page of Google anymore right so you’re constantly battling with Google right and I just think that to build your business on that kind of on quicksand right it’s not it’s not a solid foundation you know it could be here today gone tomorrow I don’t like building businesses like that okay so if you’re looking for a home-based business blogging is great but it’s just understand that it’s a very very risky business model because Google is the one that makes all the rules okay so that’s home based business idea number two that’s blogging okay home based business idea number three is outsource services okay so what am I talking about by hours also services well it’s basically I actually alluded it to it earlier it’s where you’re outsourcing your time to other people so other people will pay for your time for you to do an activity for them right there websites like upwork.com fiber comm is another big one they’re there quite a few websites out there and basically how it works is people pay you maybe five dollars ten dollars you know five hundred dollars whatever it is to complete an activity for them so build them a blog you know create a logo for them you know drive some backlinks for them whatever it is there’s lots of different things you can do do voice overs but the problem with that is that even though it’s a home-based business you’re still limited by the amount of time that you have in a day because you’re outsourcing your time right and by doing that you can only outsource your time maybe eight hours a day Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday right so essentially even though it’s a home based business it’s kind of like having a job but you’re doing it from home if that makes sense right I mean if you’re gonna build a home-based business I don’t want you know you shouldn’t have it limited by the amount of hours that you have in a day because then you can’t scale right then your income is severely limited I hope that makes sense right because if you’re if you are trading your time for money and you’re outsourcing your own availability the only way that you can scale your business is if you hire other people and pay them to run some of these services I hope that makes sense right you don’t want to be capped like that right so what I would do is is you can outsource your services but I would sell product instead of services if that makes sense because when you sell product you don’t actually have to sacrifice your time all you have to do is learn how to market that product really really well and then once you’ve marketed that product you just have to scale the amount of traffic that’s coming to see that product okay because you don’t actually have to be there because it’s not about putting in your own time to creating something if that makes sense right so option number three home-based business number three when you outsource your services you can do that and you can probably make you know a decent amount of money but you’ll never be able to make the big money okay because you’re severely limited by the amount of time that you have every single day right the fourth option home-based business number four which is my personal favorite is affiliate marketing okay this is the one that I focus on this is the one that I recommend that you focus on and affiliate marketing all it is is it’s when you market somebody else’s product okay and usually the two types of affiliate marketing that you can do you can sell physical goods and you can sell digital products I like to sell digital products because you can just download them after you’ve sold them right so people can just go to a website they can download the information consume it online they don’t have to you know wait for it in the mail you don’t have to store it in your garage you don’t have to do any drop shipping nothing like that right which is why doing affiliate marketing digital products is so good okay the other thing that I like about affiliate marketing is that it’s very very simple compared to all the other strategies okay because all you have to do is get really really good at marketing that product okay so all you have to focus on is your online marketing skills you don’t really have to do anything else okay once you understand how to market online which is doing things like YouTube videos Facebook marketing maybe some SEO you know writing articles doing some pay-per-click marketing right you just have to focus on actual marketing and then you resell a product and when you sell that product you generate a commission and you get to keep a part of that Commission that’s how a fillip marketing works now where can you get some affiliate marketing products well you can go to huge affiliate market places like clickbank.com or jvzoo.com or you can just go on Google and actually Google and what are the largest affiliate marketplaces out there right and a lot of these marketplaces you can resell those products for free that means you don’t even have to buy them you don’t have to invest any money okay but yes you know you have to learn how to market them and you have to invest money in learning how to market them or you have to pay for traffic right which you have to pay the play basically okay so you know I mean look if you’re gonna get into any sort of home-based business you’re going to have to invest a little bit of money okay so if you’re thinking that you can build a home based business without spending any money then business is not for you right now okay stick to your job you know save up some money from your job and then once you’ve got a little nest egg of a little bit of money then come back you know rewatch this video and then you can into business okay but if you think that you can build a business without putting in any seed money at all then you just you’re just kidding yourself right it doesn’t work that way business requires investment all right so make sure you have a little bit of money saved up on the side and you can you know sort of inject it into your business every single month on a regular basis that’s the most important thing okay so affiliate marketing I think is hands down the most straightforward way to build a home-based business it’s not simple but it’s definitely the most straightforward way to do it okay so here are four options that I’ve given you you know about building a home-based business I think that a fillip marketing out of the four is probably the most profitable

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